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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1淹没 淹沒 yān yan1 mo4to submerge; to drown; to flood; to drown out (also fig.)
2 yānyan1to flood; to submerge; to drown; to irritate the skin (of liquids); to delay
3淹博 yān yan1 bo2widely read; erudite
4淹博学问 淹博學問 yān xué wenyan1 bo2 xue2 wen5deep and wide in learning (idiom)
5淹蓋 yān gàiyan1 gai4to submerge; to flood; to drown out; |||to submerge; to flood; to drown out
6淹灌 yān guànyan1 guan4basin irrigation (e.g. paddy fields)
7淹留 yān liúyan1 liu2to stay for a long period
8淹灭 淹滅 yān mièyan1 mie4to submerge; to flood; to bury
9淹识时事 淹識時事 yān shí shí shìyan1 shi2 shi2 shi4to be well-informed of current events (idiom)
10淹水 yān shuǐyan1 shui3to be flooded
11淹死 yān yan1 si3to drown
12淹通古今 yān tōng jīnyan1 tong1 gu3 jin1to be thoroughly acquainted with the past and the present (idiom)

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