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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1沿着 沿著 yán zheyan2 zhe5to go along; to follow
2沿海 yán hǎiyan2 hai3coastal
3沿 yányan2along; to follow (a line, tradition etc); to carry on; to trim (a border with braid, tape etc); border; edge
4沿岸 yán ànyan2 an4coastal area; littoral or riparian
5沿途 yán yan2 tu2along the sides of the road; by the wayside
6沿用 yán yòngyan2 yong4to continue to use (old methods); to apply as before; according to usage
7沿岸地区 沿岸地區 yán àn yan2 an4 di4 qu1coastal area
8沿边 沿邊 yán biānyan2 bian1close to the border; along the border
9沿边儿 沿邊兒 yán biān ryan2 bian1 r5to trim (border with braid, tape etc)
10沿革 yán yan2 ge2evolution of sth over time; course of development; history
11沿海地区 沿海地區 yán hǎi yan2 hai3 di4 qu1coastland; coastal areas
12沿海州 yán hǎi zhōuyan2 hai3 zhou1coastal region; refers to Russian far east Primorsky Krai
13沿河土家族自治县 沿河土家族自治縣 yán jiā zhì xiànYan2 he2 Tu3 jia1 zu2 Zi4 zhi4 xian4Yanhe Tujia autonomous county in Tongren prefecture 铜仁地区 , Guizhou
14沿河县 沿河縣 yán xiànYan2 he2 xian4Yanhe Tujia autonomous county in Tongren prefecture 铜仁地区 , Guizhou
15沿洄 yán huíyan2 hui2to go with the stream
16沿江 yán jiāngyan2 jiang1along the river; the region around the river
17沿例 yán yan2 li4following the model; according to precedent
18沿路 yán yan2 lu4along the way; the duration of a journey
19沿门乞讨 沿門乞討 yán mén tǎoyan2 men2 qi3 tao3to beg from door to door (idiom)
20沿门求乞 沿門求乞 yán mén qiú yan2 men2 qiu2 qi3to go begging from door to door (idiom)
21沿儿 沿兒 yán ryan2 r5edge (used directly after a noun, e.g. roadside 马路沿儿 )
22沿滩 沿灘 yán tānYan2 tan1Yantan district of Zigong city 自贡市 , Sichuan
23沿滩区 沿灘區 yán tān Yan2 tan1 qu1Yantan district of Zigong city 自贡市 , Sichuan
24沿条儿 沿條兒 yán tiáo ryan2 tiao2 r5tape seam (in dressmaking); tape trim
25沿袭 沿襲 yán yan2 xi2to carry on as before; to follow (an old custom etc)
26沿线 沿線 yán xiànyan2 xian4along the line (e.g. railway); the region near the line

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