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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 kuǎnkuan3section; paragraph; funds; Classifiers: ; classifier for versions or models (of a product)
2款式 kuǎn shìkuan3 shi4pattern; style; design; Classifiers:
3款式 kuǎn shikuan3 shi5elegant; elegance; good taste
4款步 kuǎn kuan3 bu4to walk slowly; with deliberate steps
5款待 kuǎn dàikuan3 dai4to entertain; to be hospitable to
6款到发货 款到發貨 kuǎn dào huòkuan3 dao4 fa1 huo4dispatch upon receipt of payment
7款冬 kuǎn dōngkuan3 dong1coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara), plant in sunflower family Asteracae used a cough suppressant
8款段 kuǎn duànkuan3 duan4(literary) pony; (of a horse) walking leisurely
9款伏 kuǎn kuan3 fu2to obey; faithfully following instructions; to admit guilt; to obey; faithfully following instructions; to admit guilt
10款款 kuǎn kuǎnkuan3 kuan3leisurely; sincerely
11款洽 kuǎn qiàkuan3 qia4cordial and harmonious
12款儿 款兒 kuǎn rkuan3 r5haughty manner; proud bearing
13款项 款項 kuǎn xiàngkuan3 xiang4funds; a sum of money; Classifiers:
14款新 kuǎn xīnkuan3 xin1new (model); recently developed (product)
15款语移时 款語移時 kuǎn shíkuan3 yu3 yi2 shi2to talk slowly and in depth (idiom)
16款子 kuǎn zikuan3 zi5a sum of money; Classifiers:

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