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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 sāngSang1mulberry tree; old variant of ; surname Sang
2桑巴 sāng sang1 ba1samba (dance) (loanword)
3桑蚕 桑蠶 sāng cánsang1 can2silkworm
4桑德尔福德 桑德爾福德 sāng ěr Sang1 de2 er3 fu2 de2Sandefjord (city in Vestfold, Norway)
5桑德拉 sāng Sang1 de2 la1Sandra (name)
6桑德斯 sāng Sang1 de2 si1Sanders (name); Bernie Sanders, United States Senator from Vermont and 2016 Presidential candidate
7桑地诺民族解放阵线 桑地諾民族解放陣線 sāng nuò mín jiě fàng zhèn xiànSang1 di4 nuo4 Min2 zu2 Jie3 fang4 Zhen4 xian4Sandinista National Liberation Front
8桑海 sāng hǎiSang1 hai3Songhay people of Mali and the Sahara
9桑给巴尔 桑給巴爾 sāng ěrSang1 ji3 ba1 er3Zanzibar
10桑间濮上 桑間濮上 sāng jiān shàngSang1 jian1 Pu2 shang4Sangjian by the Pu River, a place in the ancient state of Wei known for wanton behavior; lovers' rendezvous
11桑娇维塞 桑嬌維塞 sāng jiāo wéi sāiSang1 jiao1 wei2 sai1Sangiovese (grape type)
12桑科 sāng Sang1 ke1Moraceae (type of flowering plant)
13桑拿 sāng sang1 na2sauna (loanword)
14桑那 sāng sang1 na4sauna (loanword)
15桑内斯 桑內斯 sāng nèi Sang1 nei4 si1Sandnes (city in Rogaland, Norway)
16桑帕约 桑帕約 sāng yuēSang1 pa4 yue1Sampaio (name); Jorge Sampaio (1939-), Portuguese lawyer and politician, president of Portugal 1996-2006; Sampaio, town in Brazil
17桑日 sāng Sang1 ri4Sangri county, Tibetan: Zangs ri rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地区 , Tibet
18桑日县 桑日縣 sāng xiànSang1 ri4 xian4Sangri county, Tibetan: Zangs ri rdzong, in Lhokha prefecture 山南地区 , Tibet
19桑椹 sāng shènsang1 shen4mulberry fruit (Fructus mori); mulberry
20桑树 桑樹 sāng shùsang1 shu4mulberry tree, with leaves used to feed silkworms
21桑塔纳 桑塔納 sāng Sang1 ta3 na4Santana (name)
22桑坦德 sāng tǎn Sang1 tan3 de2Santander, capital of Spanish autonomous region Cantabria 坎塔布里亚
23桑托里尼岛 桑托里尼島 sāng tuō dǎoSang1 tuo1 li3 ni2 Dao3Santorini (volcanic island in the Aegean sea)
24桑耶 sāng Sang1 ye1Samye town and monastery in central Tibet
25桑植 sāng zhíSang1 zhi2Shangzhi county in Zhangjiajie 张家界 , Hunan
26桑植县 桑植縣 sāng zhí xiànSang1 zhi2 xian4Shangzhi county in Zhangjiajie 张家界 , Hunan
27桑梓 sāng sang1 zi3(literary) native place; homeland

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