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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1根据 根據 gēn gen1 ju4according to; based on; basis; foundation; Classifiers:
2 gēngen1root; basis; classifier for long slender objects, e.g. cigarettes, guitar strings; Classifiers: ; radical (chemistry)
3根本 gēn běngen1 ben3fundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all; Classifiers:
4根据地 根據地 gēn gen1 ju4 di4base of operations
5根源 gēn yuángen1 yuan2origin; root (cause)
6根系 gēn gen1 xi4root system
7根本法 gēn běn gen1 ben3 fa3fundamental law; body of basic laws
8根茬 gēn chágen1 cha2stubble
9根除 gēn chúgen1 chu2to eradicate
10根底 gēn gen1 di3root; foundation; foundation; grounding; background; what lies at the bottom of sth; root; cause
11根管治疗 根管治療 gēn guǎn zhì liáogen1 guan3 zhi4 liao2root canal therapy (dentistry)
12根号 根號 gēn hàogen1 hao4radical sign √ (math.)
13根河 gēn Gen1 he2Genhe county level city, Mongolian Gegeen-gol xot, in Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔 , Inner Mongolia
14根河市 gēn shìGen1 he2 shi4Genhe county level city, Mongolian Gegeen-gol xot, in Hulunbuir 呼伦贝尔 , Inner Mongolia
15根基 gēn gen1 ji1foundation
16根茎 根莖 gēn jīnggen1 jing1stolon; runner; rhizome; rhizoma
17根据规定 根據規定 gēn guī dìnggen1 ju4 gui1 ding4according to provisions; as stipulated in the rules
18根据上表 根據上表 gēn shàng biǎogen1 ju4 shang4 biao3according to the above table
19根绝 根絕 gēn juégen1 jue2to eradicate
20根深蒂固 gēn shēn gen1 shen1 di4 gu4deep-rooted (problem etc)
21根深叶茂 根深葉茂 gēn shēn màogen1 shen1 ye4 mao4deep roots and vigorous foliage (idiom); (fig.) well established and growing strongly
22根式 gēn shìgen1 shi4surd (math.); algebraic expression involving a square root or other irrationality
23根特 gēn Gen1 te4Ghent, city in Belgium
24根西岛 根西島 gēn dǎoGen1 xi1 dao3Guernsey (Channel Islands)
25根须 根鬚 gēn gen1 xu1roots
26根音 gēn yīngen1 yin1root of chord
27根由 gēn yóugen1 you2the whys and the wherefores; the detailed story; root cause
28根汁汽水 gēn zhī shuǐgen1 zhi1 qi4 shui3root beer
29根治 gēn zhìgen1 zhi4to bring under permanent control; to effect a radical cure
30根状茎 根狀莖 gēn zhuàng jīnggen1 zhuang4 jing1rhizome (biol.); root stock
31根壮叶茂 根壯葉茂 gēn zhuàng màogen1 zhuang4 ye4 mao4strongly based and flourishing (idiom)
32根究 gēn jiūgen1 jiu1to investigate (sth) thoroughly; to get to the bottom of
33根性 gēn xìnggen1 xing4one''s true nature (Buddhism)

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