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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1校长 校長 xiào zhǎngxiao4 zhang3(college, university) president; headmaster; Classifiers:
2 xiàoxiao4school; military officer; Classifiers:
3校园 校園 xiào yuánxiao4 yuan2campus
4校舍 xiào shèxiao4 she4school building
5校草 xiào cǎoxiao4 cao3the most handsome boy in the school (see also 校花 )
6校车 校車 xiào chēxiao4 che1school bus
7校地 xiào xiao4 di4campus
8校方 xiào fāngxiao4 fang1the school (as a party in a contract, dispute etc); the school authorities
9校风 校風 xiào fēngxiao4 feng1the tone of a school; campus atmosphere
10校风校纪 校風校紀 xiào fēng xiào xiao4 feng1 xiao4 ji4student conduct and discipline (idiom)
11校服 xiào xiao4 fu2school uniform
12校歌 xiào xiao4 ge1school song
13校官 xiào guānxiao4 guan1military officer; ranked officer in Chinese army, divided into 大校 , 上校 , 中校 , 少校
14校规 校規 xiào guīxiao4 gui1school rules and regulations
15校花 xiào huāxiao4 hua1the prettiest girl in the school (see also 校草 ); school beauty queen; campus belle; prom queen
16校徽 xiào huīxiao4 hui1school badge; college insignia; university crest
17校际 校際 xiào xiao4 ji4interschool; intercollegiate
18校监 校監 xiào jiànxiao4 jian4supervisor (of school); principal
19校刊 xiào kānxiao4 kan1school magazine
20校历 校曆 xiào xiao4 li4school calendar
21校内 校內 xiào nèiXiao4 nei4on-campus; intramural; Xiaonei (Chinese social network website)
22校庆 校慶 xiào qìngxiao4 qing4anniversary of the founding of a school
23校区 校區 xiào xiao4 qu1campus
24校外 xiào wàixiao4 wai4off campus
25校尉 xiào wèixiao4 wei4military officer
26校训 校訓 xiào xùnxiao4 xun4school motto
27校友 xiào yǒuxiao4 you3schoolmate; alumnus; alumna
28校园骨干 校園骨幹 xiào yuán gànxiao4 yuan2 gu3 gan4campus backbone
29校园网络 校園網絡 xiào yuán wǎng luòxiao4 yuan2 wang3 luo4campus network
30校闹 校鬧 xiào nàoxiao4 nao4disruptive activities targeted at a school by an aggrieved party (neologism formed by analogy with 医闹 )
31校运会 校運會 xiào yùn huìxiao4 yun4 hui4(school) field day; sports day

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