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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 láilai2to come; to arrive; to come round; ever since; next
2来说 來說 lái shuōlai2 shuo1to have one's say; to interpret a topic (from a certain point of view); now we come to talk about it, ...
3来到 來到 lái dàolai2 dao4to come; to arrive
4来看 來看 lái kànlai2 kan4to come and see; to see a topic from a certain point of view
5来自 來自 lái lai2 zi4to come from (a place); From: (in email header)
6来源 來源 lái yuánlai2 yuan2source (of information etc); origin
7来信 來信 lái xìnlai2 xin4incoming letter; send a letter here
8来不及 來不及 lái bu lai2 bu5 ji2there's not enough time (to do sth); it's too late (to do sth)
9来往 來往 lái wǎnglai2 wang3to come and go; to have dealings with; to be in relation with
10来讲 來講 lái jiǎnglai2 jiang3as to; considering; for
11来得 來得 lái delai2 de5to emerge (from a comparison); to come out as; to be competent or equal to
12来临 來臨 lái línlai2 lin2to approach; to come closer
13来源于 來源於 lái yuán lai2 yuan2 yu2to originate in
14来回 來回 lái huílai2 hui2to make a round trip; return journey; back and forth; to and fro; repeatedly
15来得及 來得及 lái de lai2 de5 ji2there's still time; able to do sth in time
16来访 來訪 lái fǎnglai2 fang3to pay a visit
17来历 來歷 lái lai2 li4history; antecedents; origin
18来华 來華 lái huálai2 hua2to come to China
19来客 來客 lái lai2 ke4guest
20来安 來安 lái ānLai2 an1Lai'an county in Chuzhou 滁州 , Anhui
21来安县 來安縣 lái ān xiànLai2 an1 xian4Lai'an county in Chuzhou 滁州 , Anhui
22来宾 來賓 lái bīnLai2 bin1guest; visitor; Laibin prefecture-level city in Guangxi
23来宾市 來賓市 lái bīn shìLai2 bin1 shi4Laibin prefecture-level city in Guangxi
24来不得 來不得 lái bu lai2 bu5 de2cannot allow (to be present); cannot admit
25来潮 來潮 lái cháolai2 chao2(of water) to rise; rising tide; (of women) to get one's period
26来得容易,去得快 來得容易,去得快 lái de róng , de kuàilai2 de5 rong2 yi4 , qu4 de5 kuai4Easy come, easy go. (idiom)
27来得早不如来得巧 來得早不如來得巧 lái de zǎo lái de qiǎolai2 de5 zao3 bu4 ru2 lai2 de5 qiao3arriving early can't beat coming at the right time; perfect timing
28来电 來電 lái diànlai2 dian4incoming telegram or telephone call; your telegram, telephone call, or message; to send a telegram or make a telephone call here (i.e. to the speaker); to have instant attraction to sb; to have chemistry with sb; to come back (of electricity, after an outage)
29来电答铃 來電答鈴 lái diàn línglai2 dian4 da2 ling2(Tw) ringback tone (heard by the originator of a telephone call)
30来电显示 來電顯示 lái diàn xiǎn shìlai2 dian4 xian3 shi4caller ID
31来而不往非礼也 來而不往非禮也 lái ér wǎng fēi lai2 er2 bu4 wang3 fei1 li3 ye3not to reciprocate is against etiquette (classical); to respond in kind
32来犯 來犯 lái fànlai2 fan4to invade one's territory
33来凤 來鳳 lái fèngLai2 feng4Laifeng county in Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州 , Hubei
34来凤县 來鳳縣 lái fèng xiànLai2 feng4 xian4Laifeng county in Enshi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州 , Hubei
35来福枪 來福槍 lái qiānglai2 fu2 qiang1rifle (loanword); also written 来复枪
36来福线 來福線 lái xiànlai2 fu2 xian4rifling (helical grooves inside the barrel of a gun)
37来复枪 來復槍 lái qiānglai2 fu4 qiang1rifle (loanword); also written 来福枪
38来复线 來復線 lái xiànlai2 fu4 xian4rifling (spiral lines on inside of gun barrel imparting spin to the bullet)
39来港 來港 lái gǎnglai2 Gang3to come to Hong Kong
40来函 來函 lái hánlai2 han2incoming letter; letter from afar; same as 来信
41来鸿 來鴻 lái hónglai2 hong2incoming letter (literary)
42来鸿去燕 來鴻去燕 lái hóng yànlai2 hong2 qu4 yan4lit. the goose comes, the swallow goes (idiom); fig. always on the move
43来回来去 來回來去 lái huí lái lai2 hui2 lai2 qu4repeatedly; back and forth again and again
44来回来去地 來回來去地 lái huí lái delai2 hui2 lai2 qu4 de5backwards and forwards
45来火 來火 lái huǒlai2 huo3to get angry
46来火儿 來火兒 lái huǒ rlai2 huo3 r5to get angry
47来劲 來勁 lái jìnlai2 jin4(dialect) to be full of zeal; high-spirited; exhilarating; to stir sb up
48来历不明 來歷不明 lái mínglai2 li4 bu4 ming2of unknown origin
49来龙去脉 來龍去脈 lái lóng màilai2 long2 qu4 mai4the rise and fall of the terrain (idiom); (fig.) the whole sequence of events; causes and effects
50来路 來路 lái lai2 lu4incoming road; origin; past history
51来路不明 來路不明 lái mínglai2 lu4 bu4 ming2unidentified origin; no-one knows where it comes from; of dubious background
52来M 來M lái mlai2 M(coll.) (of women) to get one's period
53来年 來年 lái niánlai2 nian2next year; the coming year
54来清去白 來清去白 lái qīng báilai2 qing1 qu4 bai2One's coming and going are aboveboard. (idiom)
55来去无羁 來去無羈 lái lai2 qu4 wu2 ji1to come and go of one's own free will (idiom)
56来去无踪 來去無蹤 lái zōnglai2 qu4 wu2 zong1come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and leave without a trace
57来日 來日 lái lai2 ri4future days; (literary) the next day; (old) past days
58来日方长 來日方長 lái fāng chánglai2 ri4 fang1 chang2the future is long (idiom); there will be ample time for that later; We'll cross that bridge when we get there
59来神 來神 lái shénlai2 shen2to become spirited
60来生 來生 lái shēnglai2 sheng1next life
61来示 來示 lái shìlai2 shi4momentum of sth approaching; (polite) your letter
62来势汹汹 來勢洶洶 lái shì xiōng xiōnglai2 shi4 xiong1 xiong1to bear down menacingly (idiom)
63来苏糖 來蘇糖 lái tánglai2 su1 tang2lyxose (type of sugar)
64来台 來臺 lái táilai2 Tai2to visit Taiwan (esp. from PRC)
65来头 來頭 lái tóulai2 tou2cause; reason; interest; influence
66来文 來文 lái wénlai2 wen2received document; sent document
67来无影,去无踪 來無影,去無蹤 lái yǐng , zōnglai2 wu2 ying3 , qu4 wu2 zong1lit. come without a shadow, leave without a footprint (idiom); to come and go without a trace
68来袭 來襲 lái lai2 xi2to invade; (of a storm etc) to strike; to hit
69来项 來項 lái xianglai2 xiang5income
70来意 來意 lái lai2 yi4Laiyi township in Pingtung County 屏东县 , Taiwan; one's purpose in coming
71来义乡 來義鄉 lái xiāngLai2 yi4 xiang1Laii township in Pingtung County 屏东县 , Taiwan
72来硬的 來硬的 lái yìng delai2 ying4 de5to get tough; to use force
73来由 來由 lái yóulai2 you2reason; cause
74来朝 來朝 lái zhāolai2 zhao1(literary) tomorrow (morning)
75来者不拒 來者不拒 lái zhě lai2 zhe3 bu4 ju4to refuse nobody (idiom); all comers welcome
76来者不善,善者不来 來者不善,善者不來 lái zhě shàn , shàn zhě láilai2 zhe3 bu4 shan4 , shan4 zhe3 bu4 lai2He who comes is surely ill-intentioned, no-one well-meaning will come (idiom).; Be careful not to trust foreigners.; Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
77来者可追 來者可追 lái zhě zhuīlai2 zhe3 ke3 zhui1the future can yet be shaped (idiom)
78来着 來著 lái zhelai2 zhe5auxiliary showing sth happened in the past
79来踪去迹 來蹤去跡 lái zōng lai2 zong1 qu4 ji4the traces of a person's movements; (fig.) sb's history; the ins and out of a matter
80来访者 來訪者 lái fǎng zhělai2 fang3 zhe3visitor; (psychological counseling) client

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