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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1操作 cāo zuòcao1 zuo4to work; to operate; to manipulate
2操纵 操縱 cāo zòngcao1 zong4to operate; to control; to rig; to manipulate
3 cāocao1to grasp; to hold; to operate; to manage; to control; to steer; to exercise; to drill (practice); to play; to speak (a language); old variant of
4操心 cāo xīncao1 xin1to worry about
5操场 操場 cāo chǎngcao1 chang3playground; sports field; drill ground; Classifiers:
6操办 操辦 cāo bàncao1 ban4to arrange matters
7操持 cāo chicao1 chi5to manage; to handle
8操刀必割 cāo dāo cao1 dao1 bi4 ge1to be sure to take advantage of a chance when it comes (idiom)
9操刀伤锦 操刀傷錦 cāo dāo shāng jǐncao1 dao1 shang1 jin3to attempt sth. beyond one's capability and end in failure (idiom)
10操刀手 cāo dāo shǒucao1 dao1 shou3person charged with decisive action; hatchet man
11操典 cāo diǎncao1 dian3drill book
12操舵 cāo duòcao1 duo4to steer (a vessel); to hold the rudder; at the helm
13操舵室 cāo duò shìcao1 duo4 shi4pilothouse
14操法 cāo cao1 fa3drill rules
15操斧伐柯 cāo cao1 fu3 fa2 ke1(cf Book of Songs) How to fashion an ax handle? You need an ax; fig. to follow a principle; fig. to act as matchmaker
16操觚 cāo cao1 gu1to write; to compose
17操觚为生 操觚為生 cāo wéi shēngcao1 gu1 wei2 sheng1to live (make a living) by writing (idiom)
18操航 cāo hángcao1 hang2to take the helm; to steer (a ship)
19操课 操課 cāo cao1 ke4military drill
20操控 cāo kòngcao1 kong4to control; to manipulate
21操劳 操勞 cāo láocao1 lao2to work hard; to look after
22操劳过度 操勞過度 cāo láo guò cao1 lao2 guo4 du4to be excessively loaded with cares; to be overworked (idiom)
23操练 操練 cāo liàncao1 lian4drill; practice
24操盘手 操盤手 cāo pán shǒucao1 pan2 shou3trader or dealer (of stocks and shares etc)
25操坪 cāo píngcao1 ping2drill ground
26操切 cāo qiècao1 qie4rash; hasty
27操切从事 操切從事 cāo qiè cóng shìcao1 qie4 cong2 shi4to act with undue haste; to go about impetuously (idiom)
28操神 cāo shéncao1 shen2to worry about; to look after; to take care of
29操守 cāo shǒucao1 shou3personal integrity
30操守可信 cāo shǒu xìncao1 shou3 ke3 xin4to be resolute and trustworthy (idiom)
31操行 cāo xíngcao1 xing2(student's) behavior
32操演 cāo yǎncao1 yan3drill; exercise; demonstration; to demonstrate
33操之过急 操之過急 cāo zhī guò cao1 zhi1 guo4 ji2to act with undue haste (idiom); eager and impatient; overhasty
34操舟 cāo zhōucao1 zhou1to steer a boat
35操纵杆 操縱桿 cāo zòng gǎncao1 zong4 gan3joystick; control lever
36操纵自如 操縱自如 cāo zòng cao1 zong4 zi4 ru2to operate (a machine etc) with ease
37操作规程 操作規程 cāo zuò guī chéngcao1 zuo4 gui1 cheng2operating rules; work regulations
38操作环境 操作環境 cāo zuò huán jìngcao1 zuo4 huan2 jing4operating environment
39操作速率 cāo zuò cao1 zuo4 su4 lu:4operating speed
40操作台 cāo zuò táicao1 zuo4 tai2operating desk; control panel; console
41操作系统 操作系統 cāo zuò tǒngcao1 zuo4 xi4 tong3operating system
42操作员 操作員 cāo zuò yuáncao1 zuo4 yuan2operator
43操作者 cāo zuò zhěcao1 zuo4 zhe3operator

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