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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 da1to put up; to build (scaffolding); to hang (clothes on a pole); to connect; to join; to arrange in pairs; to match; to add; to throw in (resources); to take (boat, train); variant of
2搭配 pèida1 pei4to pair up; to match; to arrange in pairs; to add sth into a group
3搭把手 shǒuda1 ba3 shou3to help out
4搭把手儿 搭把手兒 shǒu rda1 ba3 shou3 r5erhua variant of 搭把手
5搭白 báida1 bai2to answer
6搭伴 bànda1 ban4travel with another; accompany another
7搭帮 搭幫 bāngda1 bang1to travel together; thanks to
8搭背 bèida1 bei4harness pad (on draft animal)
9搭便 biànda1 bian4at one's convenience; in passing
10搭便车 搭便車 biàn chēda1 bian4 che1to hitch a ride
11搭膊 da1 bo2shoulder bag
12搭补 搭補 da1 bu3to subsidize; to make up (deficit)
13搭茬 cháda1 cha2to respond
14搭茬儿 搭茬兒 chá rda1 cha2 r5erhua variant of 搭茬
15搭车 搭車 chēda1 che1to ride (in a vehicle); to get a lift; to hitch-hike
16搭乘 chéngda1 cheng2to ride as a passenger; to travel by (car, plane etc)
17搭挡 搭擋 dàngda1 dang4variant of 搭档 ; to cooperate; partner; variant of 搭档
18搭调 搭調 diàoda1 diao4to match; in tune; reasonable
19搭缝 搭縫 fèngda1 feng4overlaid seam
20搭盖 搭蓋 gàida1 gai4to build (esp. with simple materials); to knock together (a temporary shed); to rig up
21搭钩 搭鉤 gōuda1 gou1a hook; to make contact with sb
22搭咕 da1 gu1to connect; to discuss
23搭话 搭話 huàda1 hua4to talk; to get into conversation with; to send word
24搭伙 huǒda1 huo3to join up with sb; to become partner; to take meals regularly in cafeteria
25搭架子 jià zida1 jia4 zi5to put up scaffolding; to build a framework; to launch an enterprise
26搭肩 jiānda1 jian1to help lift up onto one's shoulders; to stand on sb's shoulder
27搭建 jiànda1 jian4to build (esp. with simple materials); to knock together (a temporary shed); to rig up
28搭脚手架 搭腳手架 jiǎo shǒu jiàda1 jiao3 shou3 jia4to put up scaffolding
29搭接 jiēda1 jie1to join; to connect up
30搭街坊 jiē fangda1 jie1 fang5to become neighbors
31搭接片 jiē piànda1 jie1 pian4buckle; connector; overlapping joint
32搭界 jièda1 jie4an interface; to relate with; to affiliate
33搭救 jiùda1 jiu4to rescue
34搭扣 kòuda1 kou4a buckle or fastener for clothing that does not use a button and buttonhole (e.g. the buckle on metal wristwatches)
35搭拉 lada1 la5variant of 耷拉
36搭理 lida1 li5variant of 答理
37搭连 搭連 liánda1 lian2to bridge over; colligation (linguistics)
38搭裢 搭褳 lianda1 lian5variant of 褡裢 ; variant of 褡裢
39搭腔 qiāngda1 qiang1to answer; to respond; to converse
40搭桥牵线 搭橋牽線 qiáo qiān xiànda1 qiao2 qian1 xian4to act as a go-between (idiom)
41搭轻铁 搭輕鐵 qīng tiěda1 qing1 tie3Hong Kong LRT
42搭讪 搭訕 shànda1 shan4variant of 搭讪 ; to hit on someone; to strike up a conversation; to start talking to end an awkward silence or embarrassing situation
43搭铁 搭鐵 tiěda1 tie3abbr. for 搭铁接线 ; chassis grounding (i.e. using the chassis as ground, to serve as a return path for current in an electric circuit)
44搭腰 yāoda1 yao1harness pad (on draft animal)
45搭载 搭載 zàida1 zai4to transport (people, a payload etc)
46搭桌 zhuōda1 zhuo1charity performance (theater in former times)
47搭嘴 zuǐda1 zui3to answer
48搭坐 zuòda1 zuo4to travel by; to ride on

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