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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 pāipai1to pat; to clap; to slap; to swat; to take (a photo); to shoot (a film); racket (sports); beat (music)
2拍摄 拍攝 pāi shèpai1 she4to film; to shoot (a picture)
3拍子 pāi zipai1 zi5beat (music); paddle-shaped object (flyswatter etc); racket (sports)
4拍打 pāi dapai1 da5to pat; to slap; (of a bird) to flap (one's wings)
5拍岸 pāi ànpai1 an4lit. to slap the table (in amazement, praise, anger, resentment etc); fig. astonishing!, wonderful!, dreadful! etc; to beat against the shore (of waves)
6拍案称快 拍案稱快 pāi àn chēng kuàipai1 an4 cheng1 kuai4to slap the table and applaud (idiom)
7拍案大怒 pāi àn pai1 an4 da4 nu4to pound the table in anger (idiom)
8拍案而起 pāi àn ér pai1 an4 er2 qi3lit. to slap the table and stand up (idiom); fig. at the end of one's tether; unable to take it any more
9拍案叫绝 拍案叫絕 pāi àn jiào juépai1 an4 jiao4 jue2slap the table and cheer (成语 saw); amazing!; great!; lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful!; amazing!; great!
10拍案惊奇 拍案驚奇 pāi àn jīng pai1 an4 jing1 qi2to slap the table in amazement (idiom); wonderful!; amazing!
11拍板 pāi bǎnpai1 ban3clapper-board; auctioneer's hammer; to beat time with clappers
12拍出 pāi chūpai1 chu1to sell at auction; to reach a given price at auction
13拍档 拍檔 pāi dàngpai1 dang4partner
14拍电 拍電 pāi diànpai1 dian4to send a telegram
15拍电影 拍電影 pāi diàn yǐngpai1 dian4 ying3to make a movie
16拍发 拍發 pāi pai1 fa1to send; to cable (a telegram)
17拍号 拍號 pāi hàopai1 hao4time signature (music)
18拍黄瓜 拍黃瓜 pāi huáng guāpai1 huang2 gua1smashed cucumber salad
19拍击 拍擊 pāi pai1 ji1to smack; to beat
20拍客 pāi pai1 ke4citizen journalist (typically posting short, self-produced documentary videos on the Web)
21拍立得 pāi Pai1 li4 de2Polaroid (Tw)
22拍马 拍馬 pāi pai1 ma3to urge on a horse by patting its bottom; fig. to encourage; same as 拍马屁 , to flatter or toady
23拍马奉承 拍馬奉承 pāi fèng chéngpai1 ma3 feng4 cheng2to lick sb.'s boots; to flatter (idiom)
24拍马屁 拍馬屁 pāi pai1 ma3 pi4to flatter; to fawn on; to butter sb up; toadying; boot-licking
25拍马舞刀 拍馬舞刀 pāi dāopai1 ma3 wu3 dao1to whip up one's steed and flourish one's sword (idiom)
26拍马舞剑 拍馬舞劍 pāi jiànpai1 ma3 wu3 jian4to whip up one's steed and flourish one's sword (idiom)
27拍马者 拍馬者 pāi zhěpai1 ma3 zhe3flatterer; toady
28拍卖 拍賣 pāi màipai1 mai4to auction; auction sale; to sell at a reduced price
29拍卖会 拍賣會 pāi mài huìpai1 mai4 hui4auction; Classifiers:
30拍卖商 拍賣商 pāi mài shāngpai1 mai4 shang1auctioneer; auction house
31拍拍屁股走人 pāi pāi gu zǒu rénpai1 pai1 pi4 gu5 zou3 ren2to make oneself scarce; to slip away; to take a French leave
32拍片 pāi piànpai1 pian4to film; to make a film
33拍婆子 pāi zipai1 po2 zi5to chase girls; to hang around with girls
34拍手 pāi shǒupai1 shou3to clap one's hands
35拍手称快 拍手稱快 pāi shǒu chēng kuàipai1 shou3 cheng1 kuai4to clap and cheer (idiom)
36拍手成交 pāi shǒu chéng jiāopai1 shou3 cheng2 jiao1to strike (hands upon) a bargain (idiom)
37拍手赞成 拍手贊成 pāi shǒu zàn chéngpai1 shou3 zan4 cheng2to clap one's hands in approval (idiom)
38拍拖 pāi tuōpai1 tuo1(dialect) to date sb
39拍膝而歌 pāi ér pai1 xi1 er2 ge1to sing, beating time on one's knees (idiom)
40拍戏 拍戲 pāi pai1 xi4to shoot a movie
41拍胸脯 pāi xiōng pai1 xiong1 pu2to vouch for
42拍演 pāi yǎnpai1 yan3(dialect) to perform; to act (in a play etc)
43拍照 pāi zhàopai1 zhao4to take a picture
44拍纸簿 拍紙簿 pāi zhǐ pai1 zhi3 bu4writing pad
45拍砖 拍磚 pāi zhuānpai1 zhuan1(slang) to throw brickbats; to criticize harshly
46拍桌打凳 pāi zhuō dèngpai1 zhuo1 da3 deng4to strike the table and the stool (idiom)

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