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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 wàngwang4to forget; to overlook; to neglect
2忘记 忘記 wàng wang4 ji4to forget
3忘掉 wàng diàowang4 diao4to forget
4忘却 忘卻 wàng quèwang4 que4to forget
5忘八 wàng wang4 ba1see 王八
6忘八旦 wàng dànwang4 ba1 dan4turtle's egg (highly offensive when directed at sb); turtle's egg (highly offensive when directed at sb)
7忘本 wàng běnwang4 ben3to forget one's roots
8忘不了 wàng liǎowang4 bu4 liao3cannot forget
9忘餐 wàng cānwang4 can1to forget one's meals
10忘餐废寝 忘餐廢寢 wàng cān fèi qǐnwang4 can1 fei4 qin3see 废寝忘食
11忘恩 wàng ēnwang4 en1to be ungrateful
12忘恩负义 忘恩負義 wàng ēn wang4 en1 fu4 yi4to forget favors and violate justice (idiom); ingratitude to a friend; to kick a benefactor in the teeth
13忘乎其形 wàng xíngwang4 hu1 qi2 xing2to forget one's manners (idiom)
14忘乎所以 wàng suǒ wang4 hu1 suo3 yi3to get carried away; to forget oneself
15忘怀 忘懷 wàng huáiwang4 huai2to forget
16忘怀得失 忘懷得失 wàng huái shīwang4 huai2 de2 shi1not concerned about personal gain or loss (idiom)
17忘机 忘機 wàng wang4 ji1free of worldly concerns; above the fray; at peace with the world
18忘年交 wàng nián jiāowang4 nian2 jiao1friends despite the difference in age
19忘其所以 wàng suǒ wang4 qi2 suo3 yi3see 忘乎所以
20忘情 wàng qíngwang4 qing2unmoved; indifferent; unruffled by sentiment
21忘我 wàng wang4 wo3selflessness; altruism
22忘性 wàng xìngwang4 xing4forgetfulness
23忘忧草 忘憂草 wàng yōu cǎowang4 you1 cao3daylily (Hemerocallis fulva)

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