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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1必要 yàobi4 yao4necessary; essential; indispensable; required
2必然 ránbi4 ran2inevitable; certain; necessity
3 bi4certainly; must; will; necessarily
4必需 bi4 xu1to have to; must; compulsory; necessarily; to need; to require; essential; indispensable
5必定 dìngbi4 ding4to be bound to; to be sure to
6必将 必將 jiāngbi4 jiang1inevitably
7必不可少 shǎobi4 bu4 ke3 shao3absolutely necessary; indispensable; essential
8必要条件 必要條件 yào tiáo jiànbi4 yao4 tiao2 jian4requirement; necessary condition (math)
9必要性 yào xìngbi4 yao4 xing4necessity
10必备 必備 bèibi4 bei4essential
11必不可缺 quēbi4 bu4 ke3 que1see 必不可少
12必不可少组成 必不可少組成 shǎo chéngbi4 bu4 ke3 shao3 zu3 cheng2absolute necessity; sine qua non
13必不可免 bu miǎnbi4 bu5 ke3 mian3unavoidable (idiom)
14必操胜券 必操勝券 cāo shèng quànbi4 cao1 sheng4 quan4to control a situation (idiom)
15必得 děibi4 dei3must; have to
16必恭必敬 gōng jìngbi4 gong1 bi4 jing4variant of 毕恭毕敬
17必和必拓 huó tuòBi4 huo2 Bi4 tuo4BHP Billiton (Anglo-Australian mining corporation)
18必经 必經 jīngbi4 jing1unavoidable; the only (road, entrance etc)
19必经之路 必經之路 jīng zhī bi4 jing1 zhi1 lu4the road one must follow or take; the only way; same as 必由之路
20必然结果 必然結果 rán jié guǒbi4 ran2 jie2 guo3inevitable outcome; inescapable consequence
21必然王国 必然王國 rán wáng guóbi4 ran2 wang2 guo2realm of necessity (philosophy)
22必胜客 必勝客 shèng Bi4 sheng4 Ke4Pizza Hut
23必死之症 zhī zhèngbi4 si3 zhi1 zheng4terminal illness; incurable condition (also fig.)
24必修 xiūbi4 xiu1a required course
25必修课 必修課 xiū bi4 xiu1 ke4required course; compulsory course
26必需品 pǐnbi4 xu1 pin3necessity; essential (thing)
27必应 必應 yìngBi4 ying4Bing (search engine)
28必由之路 yóu zhī bi4 you2 zhi1 lu4the road one must follow or take; the only way
29必有重谢 必有重謝 yǒu zhòng xièbi4 you3 zhong4 xie4(we) will be very grateful (if …)

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