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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1征服 zhēng zheng1 fu2to conquer; to subdue; to vanquish
2征收 徵收 zhēng shōuzheng1 shou1to levy (a fine); to impose (a tariff)
3 zhēngzheng1to invite; to recruit; to levy (taxes); to draft (troops); phenomenon; symptom; characteristic sign (used as proof); evidence; journey; trip; expedition; to go on long campaign; to attack
4征求 徵求 zhēng qiúzheng1 qiu2to solicit; to seek; to request (opinions, feedback etc); to petition
5征税 徵稅 zhēng shuìzheng1 shui4to levy taxes
6征兵 徵兵 zhēng bīngzheng1 bing1to levy troops; recruitment
7征才 徵才 zhēng cáizheng1 cai2to recruit
8征尘 征塵 zhēng chénzheng1 chen2the dust of a long journey
9征程 zhēng chéngzheng1 cheng2journey; expedition; voyage
10征得 zhēng zheng1 de2to obtain (permission etc)
11征地 zhēng zheng1 di4to requisition land
12征调 徵調 zhēng diàozheng1 diao4to conscript; to second (personnel); to requisition (supplies etc)
13征发 徵發 zhēng zheng1 fa1a punitive expedition; a requisition
14征伐 zhēng zheng1 fa2to go on or send a punitive expedition
15征帆 zhēng fānzheng1 fan1expedition ship
16征夫 zhēng zheng1 fu1traveler; soldier on expedition; soldier taking part in battle
17征服者 zhēng zhězheng1 fu2 zhe3conqueror
18征稿 徵稿 zhēng gǎozheng1 gao3to solicit contributions (to a publication)
19征候 徵候 zhēng hòuzheng1 hou4sign; indication; symptom
20征婚 徵婚 zhēng hūnzheng1 hun1to look for a partner
21征集 徵集 zhēng zheng1 ji2to collect; to recruit
22征驾 征駕 zhēng jiàzheng1 jia4horses and wagons for an expedition; vehicles and horses used in battle
23征剿 征勦 zhēng jiǎozheng1 jiao3to mount a punitive expedition against bandits; to mount a punitive expedition against bandits
24征敛 征斂 zhēng liǎnzheng1 lian3to extort taxes
25征敛无度 征斂無度 zhēng liǎn zheng1 lian3 wu2 du4to extort taxes excessively
26征马 征馬 zhēng zheng1 ma3horse capable of long expedition; army horse
27征名责实 徵名責實 zhēng míng shízheng1 ming2 ze2 shi2to seek out the real nature based on the name (idiom); to judge sth at face value
28征募 徵募 zhēng zheng1 mu4to conscript
29征旆 zhēng pèizheng1 pei4pennant used on expedition; war pennant
30征聘 徵聘 zhēng pìnzheng1 pin4to invite job applications; to recruit
31征人 zhēng rénzheng1 ren2traveler (on a long journey); participant in an expedition; garrison soldier; new recruit
32征衫 zhēng shānzheng1 shan1traveler's clothing; by extension, traveler
33征实 徵實 zhēng shízheng1 shi2levies in kind; grain tax
34征士 徵士 zhēng shìzheng1 shi4soldier (in battle)
35征戍 zhēng shùzheng1 shu4garrison
36征讨 征討 zhēng tǎozheng1 tao3to go on a punitive expedition
37征途 zhēng zheng1 tu2long journey; trek; course of an expedition
38征象 徵象 zhēng xiàngzheng1 xiang4sign; symptom
39征信 徵信 zhēng xìnzheng1 xin4to examine the reliability; reliable; credit reporting
40征信社 徵信社 zhēng xìn shèzheng1 xin4 she4(Tw) private investigator; credit bureau
41征选 徵選 zhēng xuǎnzheng1 xuan3to call for entries and select the best; to solicit (entries, submissions, applications etc); to select (the best candidate); contest; competition
42征询 徵詢 zhēng xúnzheng1 xun2to consult; to query; to solicit opinion
43征衣 zhēng zheng1 yi1traveler's clothing; military uniform
44征引文献 徵引文獻 zhēng yǐn wén xiànzheng1 yin3 wen2 xian4bibliography (idiom)
45征用 zhēng yòngzheng1 yong4to expropriate; to commandeer
46征友 徵友 zhēng yǒuzheng1 you3to seek new friends through personal ads, dating apps etc
47征战 征戰 zhēng zhànzheng1 zhan4campaign; expedition
48征兆 徵兆 zhēng zhàozheng1 zhao4to enlist; to draft; to conscript; to appoint to an official position; omen; sign (that sth is about to happen); warning sign
49征召入伍 徵召入伍 zhēng zhào zheng1 zhao4 ru4 wu3to enlist in the army (idiom)
50征彸 zhēng zhōngzheng1 zhong1scared; badly frightened
51征传 徵傳 zhēng zhuànzheng1 zhuan4narrative of long journey; campaign record
52征状 徵狀 zhēng zhuàngzheng1 zhuang4symptom

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