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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1容易 róng rong2 yi4easy; likely; liable (to)
2容量 róng liàngrong2 liang4capacity; volume; quantitative (science)
3容器 róng rong2 qi4receptacle; vessel; (computing) container
4容纳 容納 róng rong2 na4to hold; to contain; to accommodate; to tolerate (different opinions)
5容许 容許 róng rong2 xu3to permit; to allow
6容忍 róng rěnrong2 ren3to put up with; to tolerate
7 róngRong2to hold; to contain; to allow; to tolerate; appearance; look; countenance; surname Rong
8容积 容積 róng rong2 ji1volume; capacity
9容貌 róng màorong2 mao4one's appearance; one's aspect; looks; features
10容不得 róng bu rong2 bu5 de2unable to tolerate; intolerant; unable to bear sth
11容城 róng chéngRong2 cheng2Rongcheng county in Baoding 保定 , Hebei
12容城县 容城縣 róng chéng xiànRong2 cheng2 xian4Rongcheng county in Baoding 保定 , Hebei
13容光焕发 容光煥發 róng guāng huàn rong2 guang1 huan4 fa1face glowing (idiom); looking radiant; all smiles
14容华绝代 容華絕代 róng huá jué dàirong2 hua2 jue2 dai4to be blessed with rare and radiant beauty (idiom)
15容或 róng huòrong2 huo4perhaps; maybe; probably
16容或有之 róng huò yǒu zhīrong2 huo4 you3 zhi1There might be a grain of truth in it. (idiom)
17容积效率 容積效率 róng xiào rong2 ji1 xiao4 lu:4volumetric efficiency (engine technology)
18容克 róng Rong2 ke4Junker (German aristocracy)
19容量分析 róng liàng fēn rong2 liang4 fen1 xi1quantitative analysis; volumetric analysis
20容让 容讓 róng ràngrong2 rang4to make a concession; to be accommodating
21容身 róng shēnrong2 shen1to find a place where one can fit in; to make one's home; to seek shelter
22容身无地 容身無地 róng shēn rong2 shen1 wu2 di4no place to set oneself in; no place to stay (idiom)
23容受 róng shòurong2 shou4to tolerate; to accept (criticism, resignation etc); same as 容纳接受
24容图后报 容圖後報 róng hòu bàorong2 tu2 hou4 bao4Your kindness, help, generosity, etc. will be returned at a later date. (idiom)
25容下 róng xiàrong2 xia4to hold; to admit; to accommodate; to tolerate
26容县 容縣 róng xiànRong2 xian4Rong county in Yulin 玉林 , Guangxi
27容颜 容顏 róng yánrong2 yan2mien; complexion
28容颜失色 容顏失色 róng yán shī rong2 yan2 shi1 se4(of complexion) to lose one's color; to blanch; wan
29容止 róng zhǐrong2 zhi3looks and demeanor
30容质俱美 容質俱美 róng zhì měirong2 zhi4 ju4 mei3Both the looks and the disposition are elegant. (idiom)
31容祖儿 容祖兒 róng érRong2 Zu3 er2Joey Yung (1980-), Hong Kong pop singer and actress

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