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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1完成 wán chéngwan2 cheng2to complete; to accomplish
2完全 wán quánwan2 quan2complete; whole; totally; entirely
3完整 wán zhěngwan2 zheng3complete; intact
4 wánwan2to finish; to be over; whole; complete; entire
5完善 wán shànwan2 shan4(of systems, facilities etc) comprehensive; well-developed; excellent; to refine; to improve
6完了 wán lewan2 le5to be finished; to be done for; ruined; gone to the dogs; oh no
7完备 完備 wán bèiwan2 bei4faultless; complete; perfect; to leave nothing to be desired
8完毕 完畢 wán wan2 bi4to finish; to end; to complete
9完美 wán měiwan2 mei3perfect; perfection; perfectly
10完备无缺 完備無缺 wán bèi quēwan2 bei4 wu2 que1to complete with everything needed (idiom)
11完备性 完備性 wán bèi xìngwan2 bei4 xing4completeness
12完璧归赵 完璧歸趙 wán guī zhàowan2 bi4 gui1 Zhao4lit. to return the jade annulus to Zhao (idiom); fig. to return something intact to its rightful owner
13完璧之身 wán zhī shēnwan2 bi4 zhi1 shen1undefiled (girl); virgin; (of computer system) clean; uncorrupted
14完成时 完成時 wán chéng shíwan2 cheng2 shi2perfect tense (grammar)
15完蛋 wán dànwan2 dan4(coll.) to be done for
16完工 wán gōngwan2 gong1to finish work; to complete a project
17完好 wán hǎowan2 hao3intact; in good condition
18完好如初 wán hǎo chūwan2 hao3 ru2 chu1intact; untouched; as good as before
19完好无缺 完好無缺 wán hǎo quēwan2 hao3 wu2 que1in perfect condition; without any defect
20完好无损 完好無損 wán hǎo sǔnwan2 hao3 wu2 sun3in good condition; undamaged; intact
21完结 完結 wán jiéwan2 jie2to finish; to conclude; completed
22完满 完滿 wán mǎnwan2 man3successful; satisfactory
23完美无缺 完美無缺 wán měi quēwan2 mei3 wu2 que1perfect and without blemish; flawless; to leave nothing to be desired
24完美无瑕 完美無瑕 wán měi xiáwan2 mei3 wu2 xia2flawless; immaculate; perfect
25完美主义者 完美主義者 wán měi zhǔ zhěwan2 mei3 zhu3 yi4 zhe3perfectionist
26完全懂得 wán quán dǒng dewan2 quan2 dong3 de5to understand completely
27完全归纳推理 完全歸納推理 wán quán guī tuī wan2 quan2 gui1 na4 tui1 li3inference by complete induction
28完全兼容 wán quán jiān róngwan2 quan2 jian1 rong2completely compatible
29完全授权 完全授權 wán quán shòu quánwan2 quan2 shou4 quan2carte blanche
30完全愈复 完全癒復 wán quán wan2 quan2 yu4 fu4complete recovery (after illness)
31完全正确 完全正確 wán quán zhèng quèwan2 quan2 zheng4 que4entirely correct
32完人 wán rénwan2 ren2perfect person
33完事大吉 wán shì wan2 shi4 da4 ji2everything is finished (idiom); And there you are!
34完税 完稅 wán shuìwan2 shui4to pay tax; duty-paid
35完完全全 wán wán quán quánwan2 wan2 quan2 quan2completely
36完县 完縣 wán xiànWan2 xian4Wan former county, now Shunping county 顺平县 , Hebei
37完形 wán xíngwan2 xing2total form; coherent whole; Gestalt; holistic
38完形测验 完形測驗 wán xíng yànwan2 xing2 ce4 yan4Gestalt test
39完形心理学 完形心理學 wán xíng xīn xuéwan2 xing2 xin1 li3 xue2Gestalt psychology (concerned with treating a subject as a coherent whole)
40完形心理治疗 完形心理治療 wán xíng xīn zhì liáowan2 xing2 xin1 li3 zhi4 liao2Gestalt psychotherapy
41完整性 wán zhěng xìngwan2 zheng3 xing4integrity; completeness

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