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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1存在 cún zàicun2 zai4to exist; to be; existence
2 cúncun2to exist; to deposit; to store; to keep; to survive
3存款 cún kuǎncun2 kuan3to deposit money (in a bank etc); bank savings; bank deposit
4存放 cún fàngcun2 fang4to deposit; to store; to leave in sb's care
5存有 cún yǒucun2 you3to hold in storage; to retain; to harbor (feelings); to entertain (sentiments); (of abstract things) to exist; there is
6存簿 cún cun2 bu4savings book; bank account passbook
7存车场 存車場 cún chē chǎngcun2 che1 chang3bike park
8存车处 存車處 cún chē chùcun2 che1 chu4parking lot (for bicycles)
9存储 存儲 cún chǔcun2 chu3to store up; to stockpile; (computer) to save; to store; memory; storage
10存储卡 存儲卡 cún chǔ cun2 chu3 ka3memory card
11存储器 存儲器 cún chǔ cun2 chu3 qi4memory (computing)
12存贷 存貸 cún dàicun2 dai4bank deposits and loans
13存贷款 存貸款 cún dài kuǎncun2 dai4 kuan3savings deposits and loans
14存档 存檔 cún dàngcun2 dang4to file; to save a file (computer); saved data (for a video game etc)
15存而不论 存而不論 cún ér lùncun2 er2 bu4 lun4to leave a question open (idiom)
16存根 cún gēncun2 gen1stub
17存户 存戶 cún cun2 hu4depositor (in bank or shares)
18存活 cún huócun2 huo2to survive (a serious accident); survival
19存活率 cún huó cun2 huo2 lu:4(med.) survival rate; (med.) recovery rate
20存货 存貨 cún huòcun2 huo4stock; inventory (of material)
21存款单 存款單 cún kuǎn dāncun2 kuan3 dan1certificate of deposit
22存款者 cún kuǎn zhěcun2 kuan3 zhe3saver; investor; account holder
23存款证 存款證 cún kuǎn zhèngcun2 kuan3 zheng4certificate of deposit
24存款准备金 存款准備金 cún kuǎn zhǔn bèi jīncun2 kuan3 zhun3 bei4 jin1reserve requirement (finance)
25存款准备金率 存款準備金率 cún kuǎn zhǔn bèi jīn cun2 kuan3 zhun3 bei4 jin1 lu:4deposit-reserve ratio
26存量 cún liàngcun2 liang4reserves
27存留 cún liúcun2 liu2remaining; extant
28存钱 存錢 cún qiáncun2 qian2to deposit money; to save money
29存钱罐 存錢罐 cún qián guàncun2 qian2 guan4piggy bank; coin bank; money box
30存取 cún cun2 qu3to store and retrieve (money, belongings etc); (computing) to access (data)
31存入 cún cun2 ru4to deposit (e.g. in a bank account)
32存食 cún shícun2 shi2(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)
33存水弯 存水彎 cún shuǐ wāncun2 shui3 wan1trap (plumbing); U-bend
34存托凭证 存託憑證 cún tuō píng zhèngcun2 tuo1 ping2 zheng4depository share; depository receipt (DR)
35存亡 cún wángcun2 wang2to live or die; to exist or perish
36存亡绝续 存亡絕續 cún wáng jué cun2 wang2 jue2 xu4survival or extermination (idiom)
37存亡未卜 cún wáng wèi cun2 wang2 wei4 bu3Life and death cannot be foretold. (idiom)
38存亡攸关 存亡攸關 cún wáng yōu guāncun2 wang2 you1 guan1a make-or-break matter; a matter of life and death
39存亡之秋 cún wáng zhī qiūcun2 wang2 zhi1 qiu1life or death crisis (idiom)
40存心 cún xīncun2 xin1deliberately
41存心不良 cún xīn liángcun2 xin1 bu4 liang2to harbor evil designs (idiom)
42存心叵测 存心叵測 cún xīn cun2 xin1 po3 ce4to harbor evil intent; to cherish unscrupulous intentions; to have concealed intentions (idiom)
43存续 存續 cún cun2 xu4to continue to exist
44存在主义 存在主義 cún zài zhǔ cun2 zai4 zhu3 yi4existentialism
45存折 存摺 cún zhécun2 zhe2passbook; bankbook

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