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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1始终 始終 shǐ zhōngshi3 zhong1from beginning to end; all along
2 shǐshi3to begin; to start; then; only then
3始点 始點 shǐ diǎnshi3 dian3starting point; initial point
4始发 始發 shǐ shi3 fa1(of trains etc) to set off (on a journey); to start (being issued or circulated); to start (happening); originating
5始建 shǐ jiànshi3 jian4to start building; first built
6始料未及 shǐ liào wèi shi3 liao4 wei4 ji2not expected at the outset (idiom); unforeseen; to be surprised by the turn of events
7始末 shǐ shi3 mo4whole story; the ins and outs
8始新纪 始新紀 shǐ xīn shi3 xin1 ji4Eocene (geological epoch from 55m-34m years ago)
9始新世 shǐ xīn shìShi3 xin1 shi4Eocene (geological epoch from 55m-34m years ago)
10始新统 始新統 shǐ xīn tǒngshi3 xin1 tong3Eocene system (geology)
11始兴 始興 shǐ xīngShi3 xing1Shixing County in Shaoguan 韶关 , Guangdong
12始兴县 始興縣 shǐ xīng xiànShi3 xing1 Xian4Shixing County in Shaoguan 韶关 , Guangdong
13始终不渝 始終不渝 shǐ zhōng shi3 zhong1 bu4 yu2unswerving; unflinching
14始终其事 始終其事 shǐ zhōng shìshi3 zhong1 qi2 shi4to manage sth. from beginning to end; to dedicate oneself to a job from first to last (idiom)
15始终如一 始終如一 shǐ zhōng shi3 zhong1 ru2 yi1unswerving from start to finish (idiom)
16始终一贯 始終一貫 shǐ zhōng guànshi3 zhong1 yi1 guan4consistent from beginning to end (idiom)
17始祖 shǐ shi3 zu3primogenitor; founder of a school or trade
18始祖鸟 始祖鳥 shǐ niǎoshi3 zu3 niao3Archaeopteryx
19始作俑者 shǐ zuò yǒng zhěshi3 zuo4 yong3 zhe3lit. the first person to bury funerary dolls (idiom); fig. the originator of an evil practice

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