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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1奋斗 奮鬥 fèn dòufen4 dou4to strive; to struggle
2奋战 奮戰 fèn zhànfen4 zhan4to fight bravely; (fig.) to struggle; to work hard
3奋力 奮力 fèn fen4 li4to do everything one can; to spare no effort; to strive
4奋起 奮起 fèn fen4 qi3to rise vigorously; a spirited start
5 fènfen4to exert oneself (bound form)
6奋笔疾书 奮筆疾書 fèn shūfen4 bi3 ji2 shu1to write at a tremendous speed
7奋臂高呼 奮臂高呼 fèn gāo fen4 bi4 gao1 hu1to raise one's arm and shout; to ardently advocate (idiom)
8奋不顾身 奮不顧身 fèn shēnfen4 bu4 gu4 shen1to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety (idiom); undaunted by dangers; regardless of perils
9奋斗目标 奮鬥目標 fèn dòu biāofen4 dou4 mu4 biao1objective of a struggle (idiom)
10奋斗终生 奮鬥終生 fèn dòu zhōng shēngfen4 dou4 zhong1 sheng1to dedicate one's life to the struggle of... (idiom)
11奋发 奮發 fèn fen4 fa1to rouse to vigorous action; energetic mood
12奋发蹈厉 奮發蹈厲 fèn dǎo fen4 fa1 dao3 li4to go all out (idiom)
13奋发图强 奮發圖強 fèn qiángfen4 fa1 tu2 qiang2to work energetically for prosperity (of the country)
14奋飞 奮飛 fèn fēifen4 fei1to spread wings and fly
15奋进 奮進 fèn jìnfen4 jin4to advance bravely; to endeavor
16奋进号 奮進號 fèn jìn hàoFen4 jin4 Hao4space shuttle Endeavor
17奋力挣扎 奮力掙扎 fèn zhēng zháfen4 li4 zheng1 zha2to struggle with all one's might (idiom)
18奋袂 奮袂 fèn mèifen4 mei4to roll up one's sleeves for action
19奋起湖 奮起湖 fèn Fen4 qi3 hu2Fenchihu, town in Chiayi County, Taiwan
20奋起直追 奮起直追 fèn zhí zhuīfen4 qi3 zhi2 zhui1to catch up vigorously; to set off in hot pursuit
21奋武扬威 奮武揚威 fèn yáng wēifen4 wu3 yang2 wei1a show of strength
22奋勇 奮勇 fèn yǒngfen4 yong3dauntless; to summon up courage and determination; using extreme force of will
23奋勇当先 奮勇當先 fèn yǒng dāng xiānfen4 yong3 dang1 xian1to muster one's courage and fight in the vanguard (idiom)
24奋勇前进 奮勇前進 fèn yǒng qián jìnfen4 yong3 qian2 jin4to forge valiantly ahead (idiom)
25奋战不懈 奮戰不懈 fèn zhàn xièfen4 zhan4 bu4 xie4to fight unremittingly (idiom)
26奋战到底 奮戰到底 fèn zhàn dào fen4 zhan4 dao4 di3to fight desperately to the bitter end (idiom)

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