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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 chīchi1to eat; to consume; to eat at (a cafeteria etc); to eradicate; to destroy; to absorb; to suffer; to stammer (Taiwan pr. for this sense is [ji2]); variant of
2吃饭 吃飯 chī fànchi1 fan4to have a meal; to eat; to make a living
3吃惊 吃驚 chī jīngchi1 jing1to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed
4吃完 chī wánchi1 wan2to finish eating
5吃力 chī chi1 li4to entail strenuous effort; to toil at a task; strenuous; laborious; strain
6吃饱 吃飽 chī bǎochi1 bao3to eat one's fill
7吃掉 chī diàochi1 diao4to eat up; to consume
8吃亏 吃虧 chī kuīchi1 kui1to suffer losses; to come to grief; to lose out; to get the worst of it; to be at a disadvantage; unfortunately
9吃苦 chī chi1 ku3to bear hardships
10吃喝 chī chi1 he1to eat and drink; food and drink
11吃霸王餐 chī wáng cānchi1 ba4 wang2 can1to dine and dash; to leave without paying
12吃白饭 吃白飯 chī bái fànchi1 bai2 fan4to eat plain rice; (fig.) to eat and not pay for it; to sponge off others; to freeload
13吃白食 chī bái shíchi1 bai2 shi2to eat without paying; to freeload
14吃饱撑着 吃飽撐著 chī bǎo chēng zhechi1 bao3 cheng1 zhe5having nothing better to do
15吃饱穿暖 吃飽穿暖 chī bǎo chuān nuǎnchi1 bao3 chuan1 nuan3to eat one's fill and wear warm clothes (idiom)
16吃饱了饭撑的 吃飽了飯撐的 chī bǎo le fàn chēng dechi1 bao3 le5 fan4 cheng1 de5having nothing better to do; see 吃饱撑着
17吃闭门羹 吃閉門羹 chī mén gēngchi1 bi4 men2 geng1to be refused entrance (idiom); to find the door closed
18吃布 chī chi1 bu4to catch on cloth (e.g. of a zip fastener)
19吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸 吃不到葡萄說葡萄酸 chī dào tao shuō tao suānchi1 bu4 dao4 pu2 tao5 shuo1 pu2 tao5 suan1sour grapes (set expr. based on Aesop); lit. to say grapes are sour when you can't eat them
20吃不准 吃不準 chī zhǔnchi1 bu4 zhun3to be unsure about a matter; to be uncertain; to be unable to make sense of sth
21吃不服 chī bu chi1 bu5 fu2not be accustomed to eating sth; not be used to certain food
22吃不开 吃不開 chī bu kāichi1 bu5 kai1be unpopular; won't work
23吃不来 吃不來 chī bu láichi1 bu5 lai2to be unaccustomed to certain food; to not be keen on certain food
24吃不了兜着走 吃不了兜著走 chī bu liǎo dōu zhe zǒuchi1 bu5 liao3 dou1 zhe5 zou3lit. if you can't eat it all, you'll have to take it home (idiom); fig. you'll have to take the consequences
25吃不上 chī bu shàngchi1 bu5 shang4unable to get anything to eat; to miss a meal
26吃不下 chī bu xiàchi1 bu5 xia4not feel like eating; be unable to eat any more
27吃不消 chī bu xiāochi1 bu5 xiao1to be unable to tolerate or endure; to find sth difficult to manage
28吃不住 chī bu zhùchi1 bu5 zhu4to be unable to bear or support
29吃穿 chī chuānchi1 chuan1food and clothing
30吃醋 chī chi1 cu4to feel jealous
31吃错药 吃錯藥 chī cuò yàochi1 cuo4 yao4(lit.) to have taken the wrong medicine; (fig.) (of one's behavior etc) different than usual; abnormal
32吃大户 吃大戶 chī chi1 da4 hu4to plunder the homes of the wealthy for food (in times of famine); (of sb who has no income) to rely on others; to demand a "contribution" or "loan" from a business or wealthy individual
33吃大亏 吃大虧 chī kuīchi1 da4 kui1to cost one dearly; to end disastrously; to pay bitterly
34吃刀 chī dāochi1 dao1penetration of a cutting tool
35吃到饱 吃到飽 chī dào bǎochi1 dao4 bao3all-you-can-eat (buffet) (Tw)
36吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 吃得苦中苦,方為人上人 chī zhōng , fāng wéi rén shàng rénchi1 de2 ku3 zhong1 ku3 , fang1 wei2 ren2 shang4 ren2one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations (proverb); no pain, no gain
37吃得开 吃得開 chī de kāichi1 de5 kai1to be popular; to be getting on well; much in demand
38吃得消 chī de xiāochi1 de5 xiao1to be able to endure (exertion, fatigue etc); to be able to afford
39吃得住 chī de zhùchi1 de5 zhu4to be able to bear; to be able to support
40吃豆豆 chī dòu dòuchi1 dou4 dou4see 吃豆人
41吃豆腐 chī dòu fuchi1 dou4 fu5to eat tofu; to flirt; to tease
42吃豆人 chī dòu rénchi1 dou4 ren2Pac-Man (computer game)
43吃法 chī chi1 fa3way of eating; how something is eaten; how a dish is prepared; the way a dish is to be cooked
44吃饭皇帝大 吃飯皇帝大 chī fàn huáng chi1 fan4 huang2 di4 da4eating comes first, then comes everything else (idiom) (Tw)
45吃干饭 吃乾飯 chī gān fànchi1 gan1 fan4(coll.) to be incompetent; useless; good-for-nothing
46吃官司 chī guān chi1 guan1 si1to face legal action; to get sued
47吃馆子 吃館子 chī guǎn zichi1 guan3 zi5to eat out; to eat at a restaurant
48吃光分光 chī guāng fēn guāngchi1 guang1 fen1 guang1to eat and divide up everything (idiom)
49吃喝拉撒睡 chī shuìchi1 he1 la1 sa1 shui4to eat, drink, shit, piss, and sleep; (fig.) the ordinary daily routine
50吃喝嫖赌 吃喝嫖賭 chī piáo chi1 he1 piao2 du3to go dining, wining, whoring and gambling; to lead a life of dissipation
51吃喝玩乐 吃喝玩樂 chī wán chi1 he1 wan2 le4to eat, drink and be merry (idiom); to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure
52吃后悔药 吃後悔藥 chī hòu huǐ yàochi1 hou4 hui3 yao4(fig.) to regret (doing sth)
53吃坏 吃壞 chī huàichi1 huai4to get sick because of bad food
54吃皇粮 吃皇糧 chī huáng liángchi1 huang2 liang2lit. to eat from government coffers; to serve as a government employee; to live off government money
55吃货 吃貨 chī huòchi1 huo4chowhound; foodie; a good-for-nothing
56吃角子老虎 chī jiǎo zi lǎo huchi1 jiao3 zi5 lao3 hu5slot machine
57吃紧 吃緊 chī jǐnchi1 jin3in short supply; dire; tense; critical; hard-pressed; important
58吃尽苦头 吃盡苦頭 chī jìn touchi1 jin4 ku3 tou5to suffer many privations (idiom)
59吃空额 吃空額 chī kòng èchi1 kong4 e4to embezzle by adding to the payroll employees existing in name only
60吃空饷 吃空餉 chī kòng xiǎngchi1 kong4 xiang3to embezzle by adding to the payroll employees existing in name only
61吃苦耐劳 吃苦耐勞 chī nài láochi1 ku3 nai4 lao2hardworking and enduring hardships (idiom)
62吃苦头 吃苦頭 chī touchi1 ku3 tou5to suffer; to suffer for one's actions; to pay dearly; to burn one's fingers
63吃亏上当 吃虧上當 chī kuī shàng dàngchi1 kui1 shang4 dang4to be taken advantage of
64吃牢饭 吃牢飯 chī láo fànchi1 lao2 fan4to do prison time (Tw)
65吃了定心丸 chī le dìng xīn wánchi1 le5 ding4 xin1 wan2to feel reassured
66吃里爬外 吃裡爬外 chī wàichi1 li3 pa2 wai4to work against the interests of sb one derives support from; to double-cross one's employer; to bite the hand that feeds you
67吃力不讨好 吃力不討好 chī tǎo hǎochi1 li4 bu4 tao3 hao3arduous and thankless task (idiom); strenuous and unrewarding
68吃粮不管事 吃糧不管事 chī liáng guǎn shìchi1 liang2 bu4 guan3 shi4to eat without working (idiom); to take one's pay and not care about the rest
69吃螺丝 吃螺絲 chī luó chi1 luo2 si1(of an actor, announcer etc) to stumble over words (Tw)
70吃拿卡要 chī qiǎ yàochi1 na2 qia3 yao4dinner invitations, grabbing, obstructing and demanding bribes; all kinds of abuse of power
71吃奶 chī nǎichi1 nai3to suck the breast (for milk)
72吃奶的力气 吃奶的力氣 chī nǎi de qichi1 nai3 de5 li4 qi5all one's strength
73吃奶的气力 吃奶的氣力 chī nǎi de chi1 nai3 de5 qi4 li4utmost effort
74吃奶之力 chī nǎi zhī chi1 nai3 zhi1 li4all one's strength
75吃枪药 吃槍藥 chī qiāng yàochi1 qiang1 yao4(lit.) to have swallowed gunpowder; (fig.) to be ablaze with anger; ornery; snappy
76吃青春饭 吃青春飯 chī qīng chūn fànchi1 qing1 chun1 fan4to make the most of one's youthfulness in one's choice of employment (e.g. modeling)
77吃请 吃請 chī qǐngchi1 qing3to be a guest at a dinner party; to be wined and dined (as a bribe)
78吃人 chī rénchi1 ren2exploitative; oppressive
79吃人不吐骨头 吃人不吐骨頭 chī rén tóuchi1 ren2 bu4 tu3 gu3 tou2ruthless; vicious and greedy
80吃人家的嘴软,拿人家的手短 吃人家的嘴軟,拿人家的手短 chī rén jiā de zuǐ ruǎn , rén jiā de shǒu duǎnchi1 ren2 jia1 de5 zui3 ruan3 , na2 ren2 jia1 de5 shou3 duan3lit. the mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach (idiom); fig. one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted
81吃肉 chī ròuchi1 rou4to eat meat
82吃软不吃硬 吃軟不吃硬 chī ruǎn chī yìngchi1 ruan3 bu4 chi1 ying4lit. eats soft food, but refuses hard food (idiom); amenable to coaxing but not coercion
83吃软饭 吃軟飯 chī ruǎn fànchi1 ruan3 fan4to live off a woman
84吃食 chī shíchi1 shi2to eat (of bird or animal); to feed
85吃食 chī shichi1 shi5food; edibles
86吃水 chī shuǐchi1 shui3drinking water; to obtain water (for daily needs); to absorb water; draft (of ship)
87吃水不忘掘井人 chī shuǐ wàng jué jǐng rénchi1 shui3 bu4 wang4 jue2 jing3 ren2Drinking the water of a well, one should never forget who dug it. (idiom)
88吃水不忘挖井人 chī shuǐ wàng jǐng rénchi1 shui3 bu4 wang4 wa1 jing3 ren2see 吃水不忘掘井人
89吃素 chī chi1 su4to be a vegetarian
90吃透两头 吃透兩頭 chī tòu liǎng tóuchi1 tou4 liang3 tou2to have a thorough grasp for both high-level directives and low-level application (idiom)
91吃味 chī wèichi1 wei4to be jealous; to envy
92吃闲饭 吃閒飯 chī xián fànchi1 xian2 fan4to live as a parasite; doing nothing to earn one's keep; to live as a parasite; doing nothing to earn one's keep
93吃香 chī xiāngchi1 xiang1popular; in demand; well regarded
94吃香喝辣 chī xiāng chi1 xiang1 he1 la4lit. to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor (idiom); fig. to live well
95吃相 chī xiàngchi1 xiang4table manners
96吃小灶 吃小竈 chī xiǎo zàochi1 xiao3 zao4to be given special treatment; to be treated in a favored way
97吃熊心豹子胆 吃熊心豹子膽 chī xióng xīn bào zi dǎnchi1 xiong2 xin1 bao4 zi5 dan3to eat bear heart and leopard gall (idiom); to pluck up some courage
98吃鸭蛋 吃鴨蛋 chī dànchi1 ya1 dan4(fig.) to score 0 (on a test, in competition etc)
99吃哑巴亏 吃啞巴虧 chī ba kuīchi1 ya3 ba5 kui1to be forced to suffer in silence; unable to speak of one's bitter suffering
100吃药 吃藥 chī yàochi1 yao4to take medicine
101吃一堑,长一智 吃一塹,長一智 chī qiàn , zhǎng zhìchi1 yi1 qian4 , zhang3 yi1 zhi4Fall into the moat and you'll be wiser next time (idiom); One only learns from one's mistakes.
102吃硬不吃软 吃硬不吃軟 chī yìng chī ruǎnchi1 ying4 bu4 chi1 ruan3susceptible to force but not persuasion
103吃油 chī yóuchi1 you2(of food) to absorb oil; (of a vehicle) to guzzle fuel
104吃斋 吃齋 chī zhāichi1 zhai1to abstain from eating meat; to be a vegetarian
105吃着碗里,看着锅里 吃著碗裡,看著鍋裡 chī zhe wǎn , kàn zhe guō chi1 zhe5 wan3 li3 , kan4 zhe5 guo1 li3lit. eyeing what's in the pot as one eats from one's bowl (idiom); not content with what one already has; (of men, typically) to have the wandering eye
106吃着碗里,瞧着锅里 吃著碗裡,瞧著鍋裡 chī zhe wǎn , qiáo zhe guō chi1 zhe5 wan3 li3 , qiao2 zhe5 guo1 li3see 吃著碗裡吃着碗里看着锅里
107吃重 chī zhòngchi1 zhong4(of a role) arduous; important; (a vehicle's) loading capacity
108吃住 chī zhùchi1 zhu4food and lodging; to stay (at some place) and eat meals (there)
109吃案 chī ànchi1 an4(Tw) (of the police) to bury a crime (i.e. conceal the existence of a criminal case in order to improve crime-solving statistics or in return for a bribe etc)
110吃瓜群众 吃瓜群眾 chī guā qún zhòngchi1 gua1 qun2 zhong4peanut gallery (esp. in online forums); onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don't have anything knowledgeable to say about it; (neologism c. 2016)

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