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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 qu4to go; to go to (a place); (of a time etc) last; just passed; to send; to remove; to get rid of; to reduce; to be apart from in space or time; to die (euphemism); to play (a part); (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth; (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker); (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation)
2去年 niánqu4 nian2last year
3去世 shìqu4 shi4to pass away; to die; to neuter; neutered; to pass away; to die
4去掉 diàoqu4 diao4to get rid of; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to delete; to strip out; to extract
5去路 qu4 lu4the way one is following; outlet
6去程 chéngqu4 cheng2outbound trip
7去除 chúqu4 chu2to remove; to dislodge
8去处 去處 chùqu4 chu4place; destination
9去粗取精 jīngqu4 cu1 qu3 jing1to discard the dross and select the essential (idiom)
10去得 dequ4 de5can go
11去恶从善 去惡從善 è cóng shànqu4 e4 cong2 shan4to shun evil and follow good (idiom)
12去恶务尽 去惡務盡 è jìnqu4 e4 wu4 jin4to do away with evil wholly and completely (idiom)
13去根 gēnqu4 gen1to cure completely
14去垢剂 去垢劑 gòu qu4 gou4 ji4detergent
15去光水 guāng shuǐqu4 guang1 shui3nail polish remover (Tw)
16去国 去國 guóqu4 guo2to leave one's country
17去国外 去國外 guó wàiqu4 guo2 wai4to go abroad
18去回票 huí piàoqu4 hui2 piao4round-trip ticket (Tw)
19去火 huǒqu4 huo3to reduce internal heat (TCM)
20去旧更新 去舊更新 jiù gēng xīnqu4 jiu4 geng1 xin1to exchange the old for the new (idiom)
21去留 liúqu4 liu2going or staying
22去留未决 去留未決 liú wèi juéqu4 liu2 wei4 jue2Whether to go or stay is yet to be decided. (idiom)
23去留自便 liú biànqu4 liu2 zi4 bian4to be free to go or stay as per one's convenience (idiom)
24去你的 dequ4 ni3 de5Get along with you!
25去年底 nián qu4 nian2 di3late last year; the end of last year
26去耦 ǒuqu4 ou3to decouple
27去皮 qu4 pi2to peel; to remove the skin; to tare
28去皮重 zhòngqu4 pi2 zhong4to tare
29去其糟粕 zāo qu4 qi2 zao1 po4to remove the dross; to discard the dregs
30去取 qu4 qu3to accept or reject
31去取之间 去取之間 zhī jiānqu4 qu3 zhi1 jian1undecided between taking and leaving
32去声 去聲 shēngqu4 sheng1falling tone; fourth tone in modern Mandarin
33去死 qu4 si3go to hell!; drop dead!
34去岁 去歲 suìqu4 sui4last year
35去台 去臺 táiqu4 Tai2to go to Taiwan; refers to those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949
36去台人员 去臺人員 tái rén yuánqu4 Tai2 ren2 yuan2those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949
37去泰去甚 tài shènqu4 tai4 qu4 shen4to shun the extremes and maintain the middle course (idiom)
38去芜存菁 去蕪存菁 cún jīngqu4 wu2 cun2 jing1lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers; to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)
39去芜取精 去蕪取精 jīngqu4 wu2 qu3 jing1to discard the useless and accept the good (idiom)
40去向 xiàngqu4 xiang4the position of sth; whereabouts
41去向不明 xiàng míngqu4 xiang4 bu4 ming2missing; lost
42去邪归正 去邪歸正 xié guī zhèngqu4 xie2 gui1 zheng4to return to the orthodox path (idiom)
43去氧核糖核酸 yǎng táng suānqu4 yang3 he2 tang2 he2 suan1deoxyribonucleic acid; DNA
44去氧麻黄碱 去氧麻黃鹼 yǎng huáng jiǎnqu4 yang3 ma2 huang2 jian3methamphetamine
45去杂去劣 去雜去劣 lièqu4 za2 qu4 lie4to rogue; to weed out (agriculture) (idiom)
46去职 去職 zhíqu4 zhi2to leave office
47去中心化 zhōng xīn huàqu4 zhong1 xin1 hua4decentralization

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