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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1充满 充滿 chōng mǎnchong1 man3full of; brimming with; very full; permeated
2充足 chōng chong1 zu2adequate; sufficient; abundant
3 chōngchong1to fill; to satisfy; to fulfill; to act in place of; substitute; sufficient; full
4充当 充當 chōng dāngchong1 dang1to serve as; to act as; to play the role of
5充实 充實 chōng shíchong1 shi2rich; full; substantial; to enrich; to augment; to substantiate (an argument)
6充沛 chōng pèichong1 pei4abundant; plentiful; vigorous
7充血 chōng xuèchong1 xue4hyperemia (increase in blood flow); blood congestion
8充作 chōng zuòchong1 zuo4to serve as; to be a substitute for
9充畅 充暢 chōng chàngchong1 chang4abundant and fluent; affluent and smooth
10充车 充車 chōng chēchong1 che1to be transported to a distant place for penal servitude; to banish
11充斥 chōng chìchong1 chi4to be full of; to flood; to congest
12充抵 chōng chong1 di3see 抵充
13充电 充電 chōng diànchong1 dian4to recharge (a battery); (fig.) to recharge one's batteries (through leisure); to update one's skills and knowledge
14充电宝 充電寶 chōng diàn bǎochong1 dian4 bao3portable charger; mobile power pack
15充电器 充電器 chōng diàn chong1 dian4 qi4battery charger
16充耳不闻 充耳不聞 chōng ěr wénchong1 er3 bu4 wen2to block one's ears and not listen (idiom); to turn a deaf ear
17充发 充發 chōng chong1 fa1to banish to penal servitude
18充份 chōng fènchong1 fen4ample; sufficient; adequate; full; fully; to the full; ample; sufficient; abundant; full
19充分就业 充分就業 chōng fèn jiù chong1 fen4 jiu4 ye4full employment
20充分考虑 充分考慮 chōng fèn kǎo chong1 fen4 kao3 lu:4to give sufficient consideration to
21充公 chōng gōngchong1 gong1to confiscate
22充好 chōng hǎochong1 hao3to substitute shoddy goods
23充饥 充飢 chōng chong1 ji1to allay one's hunger
24充饥止渴 充飢止渴 chōng zhǐ chong1 ji1 zhi3 ke3to allay one's hunger and slake one's thirst (idiom)
25充军 充軍 chōng jūnchong1 jun1to banish (to an army post, as a punishment)
26充满希望的跋涉比到达目的地更能给人乐趣 充滿希望的跋涉比到達目的地更能給人樂趣 chōng mǎn wàng de shè dào gēng néng gěi rén chong1 man3 xi1 wang4 de5 ba2 she4 bi3 dao4 da2 mu4 di4 di4 geng1 neng2 gei3 ren2 le4 qu4It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.
27充满阳光 充滿陽光 chōng mǎn yáng guāngchong1 man3 yang2 guang1sun-drenched
28充其量 chōng liàngchong1 qi2 liang4at most; at best
29充气 充氣 chōng chong1 qi4to inflate
30充气船 充氣船 chōng chuánchong1 qi4 chuan2inflatable boat
31充任 chōng rènchong1 ren4to fill a post; to act as
32充塞 chōng chong1 se4congestion; to block; to congest; to crowd; to choke; to cram; to fill up; to stuff; to take up all the space
33充数 充數 chōng shùchong1 shu4to make up the number (i.e. to fill places up to a given number); to serve as stopgap
34充填 chōng tiánchong1 tian2to fill (gap, hole, area, blank); to pad out; to complement; (dental) filling; filled
35充填物 chōng tián chong1 tian2 wu4filling material; stuffing; lining; filling
36充填因数 充填因數 chōng tián yīn shùchong1 tian2 yin1 shu4complementary factor
37充氧 chōng yǎngchong1 yang3to oxygenate; to provide oxygen complement
38充要条件 充要條件 chōng yào tiáo jiànchong1 yao4 tiao2 jian4necessary and sufficient condition
39充溢 chōng chong1 yi4to overflow (with riches); replete
40充盈 chōng yíngchong1 ying2abundant; plentiful
41充裕 chōng chong1 yu4abundant; ample; plenty; abundance
42充值 chōng zhíchong1 zhi2to recharge (money onto a card)
43充值卡 chōng zhí chong1 zhi2 ka3rechargeable card; to recharge a card
44充足理由律 chōng yóu chong1 zu2 li3 you2 lu:4sufficient grounds (law)

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