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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1代表 dài biǎodai4 biao3representative; delegate; Classifiers: ; to represent; to stand for; on behalf of; in the name of
2代替 dài dai4 ti4to replace; to take the place of
3 dàidai4to substitute; to act on behalf of others; to replace; generation; dynasty; age; period; (historical) era; (geological) eon
4代谢 代謝 dài xièdai4 xie4replacement; substitution; metabolism (biol.)
5代价 代價 dài jiàdai4 jia4price; cost; consideration (in share dealing)
6代表团 代表團 dài biǎo tuándai4 biao3 tuan2delegation; Classifiers:
7代表性 dài biǎo xìngdai4 biao3 xing4representativeness; representative; typical
8代理人 dài réndai4 li3 ren2agent
9代理 dài dai4 li3to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position; to act as an agent or proxy; surrogate; (computing) proxy
10代表人物 dài biǎo rén dai4 biao3 ren2 wu4representative individual (of a school of thought)
11代数 代數 dài shùdai4 shu4algebra
12代班 dài bāndai4 ban1(Tw) to take over sb's job; to substitute for
13代办 代辦 dài bàndai4 ban4to act for sb else; to act on sb's behalf; an agent; a diplomatic representative; a chargé d'affaires
14代笔 代筆 dài dai4 bi3to write on behalf of sb; to ghostwrite
15代币 代幣 dài dai4 bi4token (used instead of money for slot machines, in game arcades etc)
16代表处 代表處 dài biǎo chùdai4 biao3 chu4representative office
17代表队 代表隊 dài biǎo duìdai4 biao3 dui4delegation
18代表作 dài biǎo zuòdai4 biao3 zuo4representative work (of an author or artist)
19代步 dài dai4 bu4to get around using a conveyance (car, bicycle, sedan chair etc); to ride (or drive); means of transportation
20代步车 代步車 dài chēdai4 bu4 che1vehicle; (more specifically) mobility vehicle (mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, Segway etc)
21代拆代行 dài chāi dài xíngdai4 chai1 dai4 xing2authorized to open letters and act during another's absence; to take up the duties of an official who is on leave (idiom)
22代偿 代償 dài chángdai4 chang2(medical) compensation; to repay a debt or obligation in place of someone else
23代称 代稱 dài chēngdai4 cheng1alternative name; to refer to sth by another name; antonomasia
24代词 代詞 dài dai4 ci2pronoun
25代代 dài dàidai4 dai4from generation to generation; generation after generation
26代代相传 代代相傳 dài dài xiāng chuándai4 dai4 xiang1 chuan2passed on from generation to generation (idiom); to hand down
27代祷 代禱 dài dǎodai4 dao3to pray on behalf of sb
28代顿 代頓 dài dùnDai4 dun4Dayton (city in Ohio)
29代尔夫特 代爾夫特 dài ěr Dai4 er3 fu1 te4Delft, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands
30代工 dài gōngdai4 gong1subcontract work; OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier
31代沟 代溝 dài gōudai4 gou1generation gap
32代购 代購 dài gòudai4 gou4to buy (on behalf of sb)
33代管 dài guǎndai4 guan3to administer; to manage; to hold in trust or escrow
34代号 代號 dài hàodai4 hao4code name
35代考 dài kǎodai4 kao3to take a test or exam for sb
36代课 代課 dài dai4 ke4to teach as substitute for absent teacher
37代客泊车 代客泊車 dài chēdai4 ke4 bo2 che1valet parking
38代扣 dài kòudai4 kou4to withhold tax (from employee's salary)
39代劳 代勞 dài láodai4 lao2to do sth in place of sb else
40代理商 dài shāngdai4 li3 shang1agent
41代利斯 dài Dai4 li4 si1Dallys, Algerian seaport and naval base
42代码 代碼 dài dai4 ma3code
43代码段 代碼段 dài duàndai4 ma3 duan4code segment
44代码页 代碼頁 dài dai4 ma3 ye4code page
45代名词 代名詞 dài míng dai4 ming2 ci2pronoun; synonym; byword
46代拿买特 代拿買特 dài mǎi dai4 na2 mai3 te4dynamite (loanword)
47代人受过 代人受過 dài rén shòu guòdai4 ren2 shou4 guo4to take the blame for sb else; to be made a scapegoat
48代人受罪 dài rén shòu zuìdai4 ren2 shou4 zui4to suffer for sb. else's crime (idiom)
49代人说项 代人說項 dài rén shuō xiàngdai4 ren2 shuo1 xiang4to intercede for someone; to speak for someone (idiom)
50代人作刀 dài rén zuò dāodai4 ren2 zuo4 dao1to ghostwrite for; to write (an article etc.) for someone else (idiom)
51代入 dài dai4 ru4to substitute into
52代收货款 代收貨款 dài shōu huò kuǎndai4 shou1 huo4 kuan3collect on delivery (COD)
53代书 代書 dài shūdai4 shu1to write for sb else; a lawyer who writes legal documents for his clients
54代数簇 代數簇 dài shù dai4 shu4 cu4algebraic variety (math.)
55代数方程 代數方程 dài shù fāng chéngdai4 shu4 fang1 cheng2algebraic equation; polynomial equation
56代数函数 代數函數 dài shù hán shùdai4 shu4 han2 shu4(math.) algebraic function
57代数函数论 代數函數論 dài shù hán shù lùndai4 shu4 han2 shu4 lun4algebraic function theory (math.)
58代数和 代數和 dài shù dai4 shu4 he2algebraic sum
59代数基本定理 代數基本定理 dài shù běn dìng dai4 shu4 ji1 ben3 ding4 li3fundamental theorem of algebra
60代数几何 代數幾何 dài shù dai4 shu4 ji3 he2algebraic geometry
61代数几何学 代數幾何學 dài shù xuédai4 shu4 ji3 he2 xue2algebraic geometry
62代数结构 代數結構 dài shù jié gòudai4 shu4 jie2 gou4algebraic structure
63代数量 代數量 dài shù liàngdai4 shu4 liang4algebraic quantity
64代数流行 代數流行 dài shù liú xíngdai4 shu4 liu2 xing2(math.) manifold
65代数曲面 代數曲面 dài shù miàndai4 shu4 qu1 mian4algebraic surface
66代数曲线 代數曲線 dài shù xiàndai4 shu4 qu1 xian4algebraic curve
67代数群 代數群 dài shù qúndai4 shu4 qun2algebraic group (math.)
68代数式 代數式 dài shù shìdai4 shu4 shi4algebraic formula
69代数数域 代數數域 dài shù shù dai4 shu4 shu4 yu4algebraic number field (math.)
70代数拓扑 代數拓撲 dài shù tuò dai4 shu4 tuo4 pu1algebraic topology (math.)
71代数学 代數學 dài shù xuédai4 shu4 xue2algebra (as branch of math.)
72代数学基本定理 代數學基本定理 dài shù xué běn dìng dai4 shu4 xue2 ji1 ben3 ding4 li3fundamental theorem of algebra (every polynomial has a complex root)
73代糖 dài tángdai4 tang2sugar substitute
74代替父母 dài dai4 ti4 fu4 mu3in place of sb's parents; in loco parentis (law)
75代替者 dài zhědai4 ti4 zhe3substitute
76代填 dài tiándai4 tian2to fill in a form for sb else
77代县 代縣 dài xiànDai4 xian4Dai county in Xinzhou 忻州 , Shanxi
78代销 代銷 dài xiāodai4 xiao1to sell as agent; to sell on commission (e.g. insurance policies); proxy sale (of stocks)
79代销店 代銷店 dài xiāo diàndai4 xiao1 dian4outlet; commission shop; agency
80代写 代寫 dài xiědai4 xie3to write as substitute for sb; a ghost writer; plagiarism
81代行 dài xíngdai4 xing2to act as a substitute; to act on sb's behalf
82代言 dài yándai4 yan2to be a spokesperson; to be an ambassador (for a brand); to endorse
83代言人 dài yán réndai4 yan2 ren2spokesperson
84代孕 dài yùndai4 yun4surrogate pregnancy
85代之以 dài zhī dai4 zhi1 yi3(has been) replaced with; (its) place has been taken by
86代宗 dài zōngDai4 zong1Daizong, Temple name of seventh Ming emperor Jingtai 景泰
87代罪 dài zuìdai4 zui4to redeem oneself; to make up for one's misdeeds
88代罪羔羊 dài zuì gāo yángdai4 zui4 gao1 yang2scapegoat
89代餐 dài cāndai4 can1meal replacement
90代换 代換 dài huàndai4 huan4to substitute; to replace
91代字 dài dai4 zi4abbreviated name of an entity (e.g. 皖政 , a short name for 安徽省人民政府 ); code name; (old) pronoun
92代字号 代字號 dài hàodai4 zi4 hao4swung dash; tilde (~)

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