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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 cóngCong2from; through; via; to follow; to obey; to engage in (an activity); never (in negative sentence); (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) retainer; assistant; auxiliary; subordinate; related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor; surname Cong
2从而 從而 cóng ércong2 er2thus; thereby
3从事 從事 cóng shìcong2 shi4to go for; to engage in; to undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do
4从来 從來 cóng láicong2 lai2always; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence)
5从此 從此 cóng cong2 ci3from now on; since then; henceforth
6从前 從前 cóng qiáncong2 qian2previously; formerly; once upon a time
7从小 從小 cóng xiǎocong2 xiao3from childhood; as a child
8从中 從中 cóng zhōngcong2 zhong1from within; therefrom
9从不 從不 cóng cong2 bu4never
10从未 從未 cóng wèicong2 wei4never
11从容 從容 cóng róngcong2 rong2to enlist; to be in the army; to go easy; unhurried; calm; Taiwan pr. [cong1 rong2]
12从属 從屬 cóng shǔcong2 shu3subordinate
13从头 從頭 cóng tóucong2 tou2anew; from the start
14从长计议 從長計議 cóng cháng cong2 chang2 ji4 yi4to take one's time making a decision (idiom); to consider at length
15从此往后 從此往後 cóng wǎng hòucong2 ci3 wang3 hou4from here on
16从从容容 從從容容 cóng cóng róng róngcong2 cong2 rong2 rong2unhurried; all in good time
17从动 從動 cóng dòngcong2 dong4-driven (of mechanism, driven by a component); slave (wheel, pulley)
18从恶如崩 從惡如崩 cóng è bēngcong2 e4 ru2 beng1It is easy to learn what is bad. (idiom)
19从犯 從犯 cóng fàncong2 fan4accessory to a crime; accomplice
20从何 從何 cóng cong2 he2whence?; where from?
21从化 從化 cóng huàCong2 hua4Conghua county level city in Guangzhou 广州 , Guangdong
22从化市 從化市 cóng huà shìCong2 hua4 shi4Conghua county level city in Guangzhou 广州 , Guangdong
23从缓 從緩 cóng huǎncong2 huan3not to hurry; to procrastinate; to postpone
24从谏如流 從諫如流 cóng jiàn liúcong2 jian4 ru2 liu2to follow admonition as natural flow (idiom); to accept criticism or correction (even from one's inferiors)
25从江 從江 cóng jiāngCong2 jiang1Congjiang county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔东南州 , Guizhou
26从江县 從江縣 cóng jiāng xiànCong2 jiang1 xian4Congjiang county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔东南州 , Guizhou
27从今 從今 cóng jīncong2 jin1from now on
28从今天起 從今天起 cóng jīn tiān cong2 jin1 tian1 qi3starting from today
29从今以后 從今以後 cóng jīn hòucong2 jin1 yi3 hou4henceforth
30从井救人 從井救人 cóng jǐng jiù réncong2 jing3 jiu4 ren2to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself
31从句 從句 cóng cong2 ju4clause
32从军 從軍 cóng jūncong2 jun1to enlist; to serve in the army
33从宽 從寬 cóng kuāncong2 kuan1lenient; leniently
34从来不 從來不 cóng lái cong2 lai2 bu4never
35从来没 從來沒 cóng lái méicong2 lai2 mei2have never; has never
36从来没有 從來沒有 cóng lái méi yǒucong2 lai2 mei2 you3have never; never before
37从里到外 從裡到外 cóng dào wàicong2 li3 dao4 wai4from the inside to the outside; through and through; thoroughly
38从里向外 從裡向外 cóng xiàng wàicong2 li3 xiang4 wai4from inside to outside (idiom)
39从吏 從吏 cóng cong2 li4minor official; to be an official
40从良 從良 cóng liángcong2 liang2(of a slave or servant) to be given one's freedom; (of a prostitute) to marry and leave one's trade
41从零开始 從零開始 cóng líng kāi shǐcong2 ling2 kai1 shi3to start from scratch
42从略 從略 cóng lüècong2 lu:e4to omit (less important details etc)
43从没 從沒 cóng méicong2 mei2never (in the past); never did
44从命 從命 cóng mìngcong2 ming4to obey an order; to comply; to do sb's bidding; to do as requested
45从那时侯 從那時侯 cóng shí hòucong2 na4 shi2 hou4from that time on; since then|||; from that time on; since then
46从难从严 從難從嚴 cóng nán cóng yáncong2 nan2 cong2 yan2demanding and strict (idiom); exacting
47从轻 從輕 cóng qīngcong2 qing1to be lenient (in sentencing)
48从轻处罚 從輕處罰 cóng qīng chǔ cong2 qing1 chu3 fa2to be lenient in meting out punishment (idiom)
49从去年 從去年 cóng niáncong2 qu4 nian2since last year
50从容不迫 從容不迫 cóng róng cong2 rong2 bu4 po4calm; unruffled
51从容坚定 從容堅定 cóng róng jiān dìngcong2 rong2 jian1 ding4to stand firm and keep coolheaded (idiom)
52从容就义 從容就義 cóng róng jiù cong2 rong2 jiu4 yi4to meet one's death like a hero (idiom)
53从容中道 從容中道 cóng róng zhōng dàocong2 rong2 zhong1 dao4to embody the right way naturally and easily (idiom)
54从容自若 從容自若 cóng róng ruòcong2 rong2 zi4 ruo4to be relaxed and composed (idiom)
55从善如登 從善如登 cóng shàn dēngcong2 shan4 ru2 deng1To attain perfection is difficult. (idiom)
56从善如登,从恶如崩 從善如登,從惡如崩 cóng shàn dēng , cóng è bēngcong2 shan4 ru2 deng1 , cong2 e4 ru2 beng1doing good is like a hard climb, doing evil is like an easy fall (idiom)
57从善如流 從善如流 cóng shàn liúcong2 shan4 ru2 liu2readily following good advice (idiom); willing to accept other people's views
58从上而下 從上而下 cóng shàng ér xiàcong2 shang4 er2 xia4from above down (idiom)
59从实招来 從實招來 cóng shí zhāo láicong2 shi2 zhao1 lai2to own up to the facts
60从事研究 從事研究 cóng shì yán jiūcong2 shi4 yan2 jiu1to do research; to carry out research
61从速 從速 cóng cong2 su4(to do sth) with dispatch; as soon as possible
62从速办理 從速辦理 cóng bàn cong2 su4 ban4 li3to expedite the execution (of an official order, etc.) (idiom)
63从天而降 從天而降 cóng tiān ér jiàngcong2 tian1 er2 jiang4lit. to drop from the sky (idiom); fig. to appear unexpectedly; to arise abruptly; out of the blue; to drop into one's lap
64从头到脚 從頭到腳 cóng tóu dào jiǎocong2 tou2 dao4 jiao3from head to foot
65从头到尾 從頭到尾 cóng tóu dào wěicong2 tou2 dao4 wei3from start to finish; from head to tail; the whole (thing)
66从头至尾 從頭至尾 cóng tóu zhì wěicong2 tou2 zhi4 wei3from first to last; from start to finish
67从外表来看 從外表來看 cóng wài biǎo lái kàncong2 wai4 biao3 lai2 kan4looking from the outside; seen from the outside
68从未有过 從未有過 cóng wèi yǒu guòcong2 wei4 you3 guo4to have no precedent (idiom)
69从下向上 從下向上 cóng xià xiàng shàngcong2 xia4 xiang4 shang4from down up
70从先 從先 cóng xiāncong2 xian1(dialect) before; in the past; previously
71从心所欲 從心所欲 cóng xīn suǒ cong2 xin1 suo3 yu4whatever you like; to do as one pleases
72从严 從嚴 cóng yáncong2 yan2strict; rigorous; severely
73从严惩处 從嚴懲處 cóng yán chéng chǔcong2 yan2 cheng2 chu3to deal with sb severely (idiom)
74从业 從業 cóng cong2 ye4to practice (a trade)
75从业人员 從業人員 cóng rén yuáncong2 ye4 ren2 yuan2employee; person employed in a trade or profession
76从一而终 從一而終 cóng ér zhōngcong2 yi1 er2 zhong1faithful unto death (i.e. Confucian ban on widow remarrying)
77从影 從影 cóng yǐngcong2 ying3to make movies; to be a movie actor (or actress)
78从优 從優 cóng yōucong2 you1preferential treatment; most favored terms
79从早到晚 從早到晚 cóng zǎo dào wǎncong2 zao3 dao4 wan3from morning to night (idiom)
80从者 從者 cóng zhěcong2 zhe3follower; attendant
81从中调解 從中調解 cóng zhōng tiáo jiěcong2 zhong1 tiao2 jie3to act as an intermediary
82从众 從眾 cóng zhòngcong2 zhong4to follow the crowd; to conform
83从父 從父 cóng cong2 fu4paternal uncle
84从母 從母 cóng cong2 mu3maternal aunt
85从兄 從兄 cóng xiōngcong2 xiong1older male second cousin
86从子 從子 cóng cong2 zi3paternal uncle's son; nephew

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