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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 zhòngzhong4to hit (the mark); to be hit by; to suffer; to win (a prize, a lottery)
2中的 zhòng zhong4 di4to hit the target; to hit the nail on the head
3中毒 zhòng zhong4 du2to be poisoned; poisoning
4中招 zhòng zhāozhong4 zhao1to get infected; to fall into sb's trap
5中国船舶重工集团公司 中國船舶重工集團公司 zhōng guó chuán zhòng gōng tuán gōng Zhong1 guo2 Chuan2 bo2 Zhong4 gong1 Ji2 tuan2 Gong1 si1China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC)
6中保 zhòng bǎozhong4 bao3advocate
7中标 中標 zhòng biāozhong4 biao1to win a tender; successful bidder
8中彩 zhòng cǎizhong4 cai3to win a lottery
9中弹 中彈 zhòng dànzhong4 dan4hit by a bullet; shot
10中毒性 zhòng xìngzhong4 du2 xing4poisonous; toxic
11中风 中風 zhòng fēngzhong4 feng1to suffer a paralyzing stroke
12中规中矩 中規中矩 zhòng guī zhòng zhong4 gui1 zhong4 ju3conforming with the norms of society
13中计 中計 zhòng zhong4 ji4to fall into a trap; taken in by a stratagem; cheated; ripped off
14中计被擒 中計被擒 zhòng bèi qínzhong4 ji4 bei4 qin2to fall into a trap and be captured (idiom)
15中箭落马 中箭落馬 zhòng jiàn luò zhong4 jian4 luo4 ma3lit. to be struck by an arrow and fall from one's horse; to suffer a serious setback (idiom)
16中奖 中獎 zhòng jiǎngzhong4 jiang3to win a prize; a successful gamble
17中举 中舉 zhòng zhong4 ju3to pass the provincial level imperial examination
18中看不中用 zhòng kàn zhòng yòngzhong4 kan4 bu4 zhong4 yong4impressive-looking but useless
19中肯 zhòng kěnzhong4 ken3pertinent; apropos
20中乐透 中樂透 zhòng tòuzhong4 le4 tou4to have a win in the lottery
21中魔 zhòng zhong4 mo2to be possessed; to be bewitched
22中签 中簽 zhòng qiānzhong4 qian1to win a ballot; to draw a lucky number
23中枪 中槍 zhòng qiāngzhong4 qiang1to be hit by a gun; shot
24中圈套 zhòng quān tàozhong4 quan1 tao4to fall in a trap
25中伤 中傷 zhòng shāngzhong4 shang1to slander; to smear
26中式 zhòng shìzhong4 shi4to pass an exam (or the imperial exam); to qualify
27中暑 zhòng shǔzhong4 shu3sunstroke; heatstroke
28中邪 zhòng xiézhong4 xie2to be possessed; to be bewitched
29中选 中選 zhòng xuǎnzhong4 xuan3to win an election; to get a position by passing the imperial exam
30中意 zhòng zhong4 yi4to take one's fancy; to be to one's liking
31中油 zhòng yóuZhong4 you2CNPC, China National Petroleum Corporation (abbr.)

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