Chinese Culture Reading in 300 English Words

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Author: Huang Jianbing;
Language: English
Format: 20.8 x 14.6 x 1.6 cm
Page: 191
Publication Date: 10/2014
ISBN: 9787308136952
Publisher: Zhejiang University Press
Table of Contents
1.The Changjiang River
2.The Huanghe River
3.A Lesson for Mencius
4.A Raincoat from Premier Zhou
5.Cao Chong Weighed an Elephant
6.Zengzi Taught His Son
7.A Fool Bought Shoes
8.Kong Rong Gave Away Bigger Pears
9.A Story about Sima Guang
10.Fishing Out the Moon
11.The Fox and the Crow
12.A Little Elephant
13.The River and the Rock
14.Making His Mark
15.A Poor Little Bird
16.Lord Ye's Love of Dragons
17.The Tiger and the Fox
18.Mr.Fool Wanted to Move the Mountain
19.The Blind Men and an Elephant
20.Playing the Lute to a Cow
21.Four in the Morning and Three in the Evening
22.Plugging One's Ears While Stealing a Bell
23.Drawing a Snake and Adding Feet
24.Pulling Up the Seedlings to Help Them Grow
25.A Magic Paintbrush
26.Mao Sui Recommended Himself
27.Wen Tong Had the Whole Bamboo in His Mind
28.The Frog in a Shallow Well
29.Waiting for the Rabbit to Crash to the Tree
30.Three Moves of Mencius's Mother
31.The Mouse Daughter's Wedding
32.Being There Just to Make Up the Number
33.A Bird Startled by the Mere Twang of a Bowstring
34.Giving the Wrong-doer a Way Out
35.Showing Off
36.In Need of Help
37.Smoking Mosquitoes Out
38.Life Is by No Means Valuable
39.How Did the Dog Become a Domestic Animal
40.The Tragedy of the Fox
41.The Snail and the Ants
42.The Meeting of the Rats
43.Grinding the Iron Rod Down to a Needle
44.Punishing a Grandson
45.An Arranged Marriage
46.However Long the Whip Is, It Can't Reach the Stomach of the Horse
47.More Than Sufficient
48.All Its Tricks Exhausted
49.Pan Gu Created the World
50.Yu the Great Controlled the Floods
Key to the Exercises
Chinese Culture Reading in 300 English Words