Chinese Culture: Medicine

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Author: Liang Yongxuan;
Language: English
Format: 20.6 x 20.4 x 1.4 cm
Page: 204
Publication Date: 05/2015
ISBN: 9787508527352
Table of Contents

The Evolution of Ancient TCM
A Brief Introduction to TCM and Chinese Traditional Culture
The Spread of Ancient Medical Knowledge
The Skills and Virtues of Ancient Doctors
Aspects of Ancient TCM
Basic TCM Theories
The Foundation Works of TCM – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine
Sun, Moon and Yin, Yang – the Yin-yang Theory of TCM
Starting with Five-colored Soil – the Five-elements of TCM
Man Is an Integral Part of Nature – the Holistic View of TCM
The Essence, Qi and Shen of the Chinese People
Blood and Body Fluids
TCM on the Five Internal Organs (Viscera)
Why Do We Get Sick?
The Diagnostic Methods of TCM
Syndrome Differentiation
Treating Disease by Preventing Illness before It Begins
About Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Rich Variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Processing Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Natures and Flavors of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Forms of Traditional Chinese Drugs
The Combination of Medicine
The Modern Development of TCM
Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Other External treatments
Channels, Network Vessels and Acupoints
Acupuncture and Moxa-moxibustion
External Treatments to Treat Internal Illness
TCM Theories about the Cultivation of Health
Balance and Health
Emotions and Diseases
The Homology of Medicine and Food
Nourishing the Body with the Five Grains
Health Maintenance in the Four Seasons
Moderate Movement and Rest
The Development of TCM in Modern Times
The Competition between TCM and Western Medicine
The Integration of Traditional
Chinese and Western Medicine
The Combination of Traditional
Chinese and Western Medicine
Modern TCM Education
Modern TCM Diagnoses and Treatments
The Medicine of China’s Ethnic Groups

Chinese Culture: Medicine