Chinese Burn Surgery

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Language: English
Format: 28.5 x 21.7 x 2.9 cm
Page: 481
Publication Date: 11/2016
ISBN: 9787117234290
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House
1 Development of BurMedicine iChina
Zongcheng Yang
2 The Alterations of MicrocirculatioiBurns
Keseng Zhao and Qiaobing Huang
3 BurShock
Zhenrong Guo and ZhaofaXia
4 InfectioiBurns
Guangxia Xiao and Weishi Xu
5 Bacterial Endotoxiand ExotoxiiSevere Burns
Yongming Yao
6 Advances iBurImmunology
Daizhi Peng
7 BurWound Care
Bi Chen, Zhenjiang Liao, Zhenrong Guo, XiaoyuaHuang, and Yiping Zhou
8 Reconstructioof Burithe Late Phase
Bi Cheand XiaoyuaHuang
9 BurWound Healing
Shuliang Lu
10 Growth Factors and Stem Cells for Wound Repair
and Tissue Regeneration
Xiaobing Fu
11 InhalatioInjury
Zongcheng Yang, Guohui Li
12 Electrical Burns
Yonghua Sun
13 Combined Radiation—BurInjuries
14 PostburMultiple OrgaDysfunction
Jiake Chai and Zhiyong Sheng
15 Metabolism iBurns
Shiliang Wang and ShiliDeng
16 NutritioiBurns
Shiliang Wang and ShiliDeng
17 Pathological Changes of Visceral Organs and Endocrine Glands After Burns
Yisheng Cheand JingquaShi
Table of Contents

Table of contents: Chinese Burn Surgery (ISBN:9787117234290)

Table of contents: Chinese Burn Surgery (ISBN:9787117234290)

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Sample pages of Chinese Burn Surgery (ISBN:9787117234290)

Although the application of hypertonic saline formula can decrease the amount of infusion and reduce edema, the conditions of the patients should be monitored closely and the serum sodium should not exceed 160 mmol/L.Moreover, the blood osmotic concentration should also be monitored and it should not be >330 mmoUL to prevent hyperosmotic anhydration and even coma.
The infusion formulas applied in China draw on the experience of the Evans formula and continue to study the fluid infusion for resuscitation during the shock phase.According to the actual measurements of different populations, Chinese specialists in burns proposed two simple methods of calculating body surface area, the "modified rule of Nine" and the "rule of palm," which provide convenient methods for the calculation of fluid infusion during the shock phase.The "current formula," generally accepted by Chinese specialists, was proposed in 1970(11).The formula requests the amounts of electrolytes and colloid to be 1.5 mLKg—l per 1% TBSA plus 2,000 ml of water (5% glucose) in 24 h, and the ratio of crystalloid and colloid is 2:1 or 1:1 (third degree, large burn surface area).Each component should be infused alternately to prevent an imbalance of fluid infusion and severe edema.
Chinese Burn Surgery