China's Consumption: Establishing a New Development Paradigm with Dual Circulations

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Language: English
Page: 288
Publication Date: 12/2021
ISBN: 9787508547114
The COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 produced a severe impact on consumption in China. In this context, what will be the growth trend of consumption in China in the coming 5 to 10 years? What important changes will take place in the consumption structure? What role will consumption play in building a new development paradigm of dual circulation? What structural contradictions and reform tasks do we face in comprehensively promoting consumption? In this regard, combined with previous researches and to meet the needs of the new development phase, CIRD completed the reform research report of 2020-2021 with China Consumption as the theme to made research and analysis on the above issues and put forward relevant policy-oriented suggestions.
Table of Contents

Foreword / 1

Overview China in the New Era of Consumption / 5

I. Main Trend in the New Era of Consumption / 6

II. Consumption Upgrading Promoting High-Quality Development / 9

III. Promote Structural Reform in the Context of Consumption-Oriented

Transformation / 12

Chapter 1 The World's Largest Consumer Market / 21

Section 1 Enter the New Era of Consumption / 22

I. Continual Expansion of Consumption Scale / 22

II. Overall Rapid Growth of New Forms of Consumption / 31

III. Formation of New Consumer Groups / 37

IV. Popularization of New Consumption Concepts / 40

V. Impetus for Entering the New Era of Consumption / 44

Section 2 Consumption under the Impact of Pandemic / 48

I. 2020: Consumption Was Seriously Impacted by the Pandemic / 48

II. Pandemic Has not Changed the Long-Term Growth Trend of Consumption / 52

Section 3 14th Five-Year Plan: Consumption Will Maintain Fairly Rapid Growth / 55

I. Continual Growth of Consumer Market / 55

II. Consumption Standard Keeps on Rising / 58

III. China Will Become the World's Largest Consumer Market / 60

Chapter 2 Cities Drive Consumption / 69

Section 1 Integration of Urbanization with Consumption Upgrading / 70

I. Consumption Upgrading and Urbanization / 70

II. Urbanization Drives Consumption Upgrading / 72

III. Consumption Function and Consumption Bearing Capacity Influence the Competitiveness of Cities / 76

IV. Cities in China Strive to Foster New Forms of Consumption / 80

Section 2 Growth Space for Consumption in Urbanization / 84

I. Urbanization Is Still in Accelerated Development / 84

II. Urbanization Brings Huge Consumption and Investment Demands / 87

III. Urbanization Produces Huge Scale Effect of Public Consumption / 91

IV. Continuous Release of Consumption Demands Triggered by Urbanization / 94

Section 3 Big Cities and Metropolitan Areas Become Consumption Centers / 96

I. New Trend of Population Gathering in Central Cities and City Clusters / 97

II. Metropolitan Areas Become a Windvane Leading Consumption Upgrading / 100

III. Regional Integration Pushes the Development of Regional Consumption Center Cities / 104

Section 4 International Influence of Urbanization and Consumption Upgrading / 107

I. An Emerging Power in Pursuit of International Quality for Commodities and Services / 107

II. Rising of International Consumption Center Cities / 111

III. Important Influence on Regional Economy and World Economy / 114

Chapter 3 Promote Rural Consumption in All Aspects / 122

Section 1 Rural Area Is a Big Consumer Market / 123

I. A Massive Rural Population in China / 123

II. Income Level of Rural Residents Keeps on Rising / 126

III. Rural Area Is a Growing Big Consumer Market / 132

Section 2 Silent Changes in Rural Consumption / 136

I. Upgrading of Durable Consumer Goods for Rural Residents / 136

II. Rapid Growing of Public Consumption Demands of Rural Residents / 140

III. Fairly Rapid Growth of New Types of Consumption of Rural Residents / 143

Section 3 Promote New Types of Rural Consumption in All Aspects / 148

I. Provide Important Conditions for the Overall Development of New Types of Rural Consumption by Sending Elements to Rural Areas / 148

II. Promote New Types of Rural Consumption with Integrated Development of Industries / 152

III. Promote the Development of Green Agriculture with Green Consumption / 155

IV. Push the Development of Intelligent Agriculture with Digital Consumption / 160

Chapter 4 Consumption Gives Rise to Industrial Transformation / 166

Section 1 Benign Interaction of Consumption Structure Upgrading with Industrial Structure Transformation / 167

I. Upgrading of Industrial Structure Is Accompanied by Evolution of Consumption Structure / 167

II. The New Trend of Service-Oriented Consumption Gives Rise to New Forms in the Development of Service Industry / 171

III. 2025: Service Industry Will Account for about 60% / 173

Section 2 Consumption Structure Upgrading Will Promote Scientific and Technological Transformation / 177

I. The Upgrading of Consumption Structure Provides an Application Market for Technological Transformation / 177

II. Modern Information Technology Accelerates Digital Transformation of Industries / 183

III. Reshape the Core Competitiveness of Industries / 188

IV. Seize the First Change of the New Round of Global Industrial Revolution with Intelligent Manufacturing / 192

Section 3 Green Consumption Promotes the Development of Green Industries / 195

I. Green Consumption Promotes the Green Transformation of Traditional Industries / 196

II. Speed up the Process of New Energy Revolution / 200

III. Green Consumption Pushes China to Achieve Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutrality / 205

Chapter 5 China's Consumption: Significantly Positive to the World's Economic Growth / 212

Section 1 The World's Largest Services Market and Trader of Services / 213

I. China Will Become the World's Largest Services Market / 213

II. Development Trend of the Service Trade / 216

III. High-Quality Development of the Service Trade / 222

IV. 2035: China Will Become the World's Largest Trader in Services / 228

Section 2 Hainan Free Trade Port: Create the World's Largest Duty-Free Shopping Base / 231

I. Creating the World's Largest Duty-Free Shopping Base as an Important Goal / 231

II. China International Consumer Products Expo: A New Platform for the World to Share the Consumption by 1.4 Billion People in China / 234

III. Improving the Duty-Free Shopping Service System Through the China International Consumer Products Expo / 238

Section 3 Institutional Opening-Up in the Context of Consumption-Oriented Transformation / 241

I. Push Forward High-Level Institutional Opening-Up Process / 241

II. Institutional Opening-Up Forced by the Consumption-Oriented Transformation / 246

III. Push Forward Major Tasks of Consumption-Oriented Transformation with Institutional Opening-Up / 249

IV. Push Forward the In-Depth Integration of China Market with World Market with Institutional Opening-Up / 254

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Sample pages of China's Consumption: Establishing a New Development Paradigm with Dual Circulations (ISBN:9787508547114)
Sample pages of China's Consumption: Establishing a New Development Paradigm with Dual Circulations (ISBN:9787508547114)
Sample pages of China's Consumption: Establishing a New Development Paradigm with Dual Circulations (ISBN:9787508547114)

The key to accelerating the fostering of a double development dynamic, with the domestic economy and international engagement reinforcing each other, and the former as the mainstay is to expand the domestic demand and upgrade consumption by 1.4 billion people.

Since 2006, China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD) has been paying attention to and continuously studying issues concerning consumption in China’s economic transformation. For example, in September 2006, in Accelerating the Establishment of a Socialist Public Service System (18 Suggestions) submitted by CIRD to relevant departments of the central government, it was stated that China is in the transition from a subsistence-based society to a development-oriented society; in China Human Development Report 2007-2008: Basic Public Services for 1.3 Billion People prepared by CIRD as entrusted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2007, it was stated that the consumption demand of urban and rural residents has started to transform from mainly for subsistence to that mainly for development and upgrade from consumption mainly of materials to that mainly of services; in 2009, in a special academic lecture at the Northeast University, I put forth the basic judgment that China is changing from a big country of production to a big country of consumption; and in 2010, in the research report Accelerating the Historical Transformation of from Production-Oriented Growth to Consumption-Oriented Growth submitted to relevant ministries and commissions of the central government, it demanded to take the expansion of consumption demand as a major task in the change of economic development pattern. In conjunction with the previous researches and proposals, in 2012, the annual report on reform with the theme Consumption-Oriented: the Grand Strategy of China’s Economic Transformation was issued, with fairly systematic research on consumption; in 2014, the research group of CIRD completed the key research subject of the National Social Science Foundation Promoting Consumption-Led Economic Transformation: A Study on the Path of Transformation of China’s Economic Growth Pattern; in 2018, CIRD submitted to relevant ministries and commissions of the state Releasing the Huge Growth Potential of Domestic Demand: Suggestions on Speeding up the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economy System (24 Suggestions); also in 2018, the research report Service-Oriented Consumption of Urban and Rural Residents in China: Current Situation and Trend was published; and in June, I explained “How to Usher in the New Era of Consumption” in the China Economic Forum of CCTV.

China's Consumption: Establishing a New Development Paradigm with Dual Circulations