China Yearbook of Household Survey 2014

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"China Household Survey Yearbook 2014" is fully reflect the Chinese balance of payments and the living conditions of urban and rural residents informative yearbook. The yearbook contains the calendar year according to national survey data and the associated 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), five income groups and four equal parts economic regional groupings of urban and rural residents.
"China Household Survey Yearbook 2014" The book is divided into six parts, namely: 1. 2013 Summary of the main results of urban and rural household survey; 2. Urban and rural household survey each year of comprehensive data; 3. YEARS urban and rural household survey data packet comprehensive; 4. YEARS regional balance of payments data of urban and rural residents; 5. 2012 major regional and rural household survey data; 6. Introduction of urban and rural household survey.
    "China Household Survey Yearbook 2014" the information contained in this book comes from the UHS and rural households in the survey conducted by the National Bureau of organizations, not including Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province. Urban and rural residents, respectively, according to the urban and rural household income and expenditure survey data collection programs, compilation, editing process as much as possible consistent with previous yearbooks.
    "China Household Survey Yearbook 2014" in this yearbook data is generally one decimal place, some of the data to calculate the total error due to rounding adjustments were not produced.
"China Household Survey Yearbook 2014" in the tables in this yearbook full table of all relevant notes in the table above, refer to the table in part; the subject of comment in the table below. Continued with the information in the notes of some indicators are at the bottom of the last renewal of the table.
     "China Household Survey Yearbook 2014" Notations used in this yearbook: "space" means that the statistical indicators of the statistical data are not available or no; "She" said one of the main items; "slaughter" means there are notes in the table below.
China Yearbook of Household Survey 2014