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Selected Poems of Li Bai
ISBN: 9787500164500 | Published on 01/2021

100 Selected Poems Through the Ages
ISBN: 9787500164494 | Published on 01/2021

Tang Poetry in Paintings
ISBN: 9787500154365 | Published on 11/2017 | Reviews:

The Everlasting Regret in Painting
ISBN: 9787500150602 | Published on 06/2017
Based on the original poem of Bai Juyi's Everlasting Regret, this book is presented in the bilingual form of Chinese and English and comes with...

Chinese Modern Classics: The Book of Life
ISBN: 7500151470, 9787500151470 | Published on 06/2017 | Series: Chinese Modern Classics
The Book of Life portrays China's half-century transformation through orphan Wu Zhipeng's escape from the poverty of his native village in...

The Book of Poetry In Paintings
ISBN: 9787500158639 | Published on 04/2019

Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese writers (2) No Water Cleaner than Tears
ISBN: 7500151500,9787500151500 | Published on 06/2017 | Series: Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese writers | Reviews:
“I was born on Yunnan province’s high, red earth plateau, where the Little Liang Mountains stretch far into the north western distance....

Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese writers (1) An eternal lamb
ISBN: 7500143338,9787500143338 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese writers | Reviews:

Swords of a Rising Power - A History of the Strategic Missile Troops of China
ISBN: 9787500155188 | Published on 02/2018 | Series: From Inside China | Reviews:
Xu Jian is the author of several fictional works, among them Oriental Hada, as well as essays and TV drama. He has also penned a number of works of...

Chinese Modern Classics: The Scenery of the Lake and the Mountain
ISBN: 7500151489,9787500151487 | Published on 06/2017 | Series: Chinese Modern Classics | Reviews:
The fateful story begins with Nuannuan, the youthful villager called home from the city to care for her mother. Upon her return, Nuannuan forges...