China Statistical Yearbook of the securities and futures 2011

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First, the "China Securities and Futures Statistical Yearbook (2011)" (in English) included in the 2010 statistics on securities and futures markets and the securities and futures market-related part of the macroeconomic indicators. Second, the Yearbook is divided into stock profiles, stock market, bond market, securities investment funds and derivatives, listed companies, investors, structure, futures markets, securities and futures intermediaries, events such as 9-part, attached the 2010 World Exchanges rankings, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange fees, agency contacts, and the CSRC. Third, the yearbook data main business units from the SFC, the Exchange and Clearing Corporation's statistical reports; macroeconomic data mainly from the National Bureau of Statistics, the People's Bank of China, the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE). Fourth, the sum of the Yearbook of some of the information units of different trade-offs arising from calculation errors were not adjusted. Fifth, according to the development needs of the securities and futures markets, the Yearbook was expanded in content. VI Yearbook tables, measurement units are in the table above, some indicators on the table, comments, data sources, the exchange rate conversion standards in the table below. Where a renewal form with information on the part of the footnotes are added in the last one under the table.
China Statistical Yearbook of the securities and futures 2011