China Seafood Imports and Exports Statistical Yearbook 2013

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 08/2014
Publisher: China Agriculture Press
Series: China Seafood Imports and Exports Statistical Yearbook
China Society of Fisheries commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau compiled and published in 2013, "China Aquatic Products Import and Export Trade Statistics Yearbook." The yearbook data from the Chinese General Administration of Customs, start and end time for the January 1 to December 31 O- two years. Almanac data for China (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in 2013 for each country or region aquatic world (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) and export data. Contents include: sub-national (regional) export quantity, amount; sub-provinces and export quantity, amount; export quantity sub-species, the amount; sub-species, countries (regions) and export quantity, amount; sub-species, the number of provinces and export amount; points provinces, the number of varieties and export amount; divided country (region), import and export of the number of varieties, the amount; sub-trade import and export quantity, amount. In the process of editing and publishing of the yearbook, and received strong support from the State General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Agriculture, Bureau of Fisheries and related enterprises (thing) business unit and the relevant leaders and experts, in this, we would appreciate it!
Table of Contents
2013 China's import and export trade of aquatic products to analyze the situation ... (1)
The first part of Chinese aquatic products import and export trade statistics 2013
First, the sub-national import and export situation (region) ...... (8)
Second, the sub-provinces of imports and exports ...... (14)
Third, sub-species and export situation ... (16)
Four, sub-species, the country's import and export situation (region) ......... (26)
Five, sub-species, the provinces and export situation ...... (149)
Six, sub-national (regional), import and export varieties ...... (199)
Seven, sub-provinces, varieties and export situation ...... (321)
Eight, sub-trade imports and exports ......... (367)
The second part of the People's Republic of China Customs Import and Export Tariff (seafood section) (2014 edition)
I. General Rules ... (370)
Second, the People's Republic of China Customs Import Tariff (seafood section) (2014 edition) ...... (371)
Third, the People's Republic of China Customs Export Tariff (seafood section) (2014 edition) ... (388)
China Seafood Imports and Exports Statistical Yearbook 2013