China feed industry statistics, 2008

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According to the "national feed industry statistical reporting system", the National Feed Office organizations feed industry statistics. China Feed Industry Association Information Center by the National Feed Office commissioned to undertake a "national feed industry statistics" (2008) the organization of editorial work. National feed industry statistics, including quarterly and annual reports to track key enterprise reporting based on a sample of data, and form a comprehensive analysis of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual national feed production situation analysis. In the comprehensive collection, collation, analysis of statistical data, based on the preparation of an annual publication of the "national feed industry statistics" to relevant departments for macroeconomic policy-making and fodder enterprise development to provide timely and effective information services. "National Feed Industry Statistics" (2008) mainly includes four parts: the first part of the 2008 feed production statistics. From "in 2008 produced a comprehensive national feed-processing enterprises Statistical summary table" and the breakdown of the composition, comprehensive and detailed reflection of the national feed industry in 2008 the production and development. The second part is the production situation analysis. Mainly by the 2008 national feed production situation analysis, situation analysis, as well as feed ingredients and feed industry, aquaculture production associated with the composition of the situation analysis. Part III is divided into dynamic and observation. Key collected in 2008 the industry dynamics, business trends, international developments, as well as feed safety, industrial management, and macro-situation, and other observations, analyze the data. Part IV is divided into appendix. Main contents of the 2008 production of the monthly national feed livestock situation analysis and from the National Census and Statistics Department's monthly price trend analysis of livestock products and feed. The statistical data in editing any omissions and wrong with the reader to criticize and correct me please.
Table of Contents
The first part of the 2008 feed production statistics 1
     In 2008 the national industrial output value of feed and operating income in Table 2
     In 2008 a comprehensive national feed-processing enterprises of production (total form) 6
     In 2008 the national feed production and processing enterprises 8
     In 2008 the national production of concentrated feed processing 12
     2008 National Pre-mixed feed production in 16 processing enterprises
     2008 output of industrial enterprises in China feed additive Table (1) 20
     2008 output of industrial enterprises in China feed additives fact sheet (2) 22
     In 2008 the national production of individual additives, (3) 26
     In 2008 the national production of individual additives (d) 28
     In 2008 the national production of individual additives, (5) 30
     2008 animal feed production in China 32
     2008 China Feed Machinery Equipment production of 36
     In 2008 the number of national feed-processing enterprises of 40
     National Feed the end of 2008, the number of workers of 44 companies
     2008 the administrative licensing of 48
The second part of the production situation analysis 52
   Industrial production in 2008 situation analysis of national feed 53
   2008 feed ingredients market situation analysis 60
     2008 Corn Market Review and 2009 Outlook 60
     2008 soybean market review and outlook for 2009 68
     2008 soybean meal market review and outlook for 2009 72
     2008 Fishmeal Market Review and 2009 Outlook 81
     2008 L-Lysine Market Review and 2009 Outlook 88
     2008 Met Market Review and 2009 Outlook 94
   In 2008 the situation in livestock production 101
     In 2008 the market situation of China's pig 101
     In 2008 China's poultry meat market situation 105
     111 eggs in 2008 the market situation
     In 2008 the market situation of China's Beef Industry 114
     In 2008 the market situation of China's aquatic products 119
The third part of the dynamic and observation of 122
Chapter 123 Industry News
     Ministry of Agriculture, according to the law required a major animal disease prevention and control of power 123
     The work of the National Livestock owners will be held in Nanchang 123
     Shanxi into a large scale breeding programs to improve the health standards of livestock development 123
     Henan to increase feed production and processing to monitor the extent of supervision 124
     Ministry of Agriculture in 2008, and animal feed quality and safety of the work of the conference 124
     Wen Jiabao: To strengthen the agricultural infrastructure construction to promote agricultural development and peasant incomes 125
     Zhang Baowen: Building a scientific and highly efficient statistical monitoring system for animal husbandry 126
     Shanghai Pork supervisory system will cover all 126
     Nanjing billion in private capital markets involved in pig 126
     Chongqing: Yangjidahu loan discount: 126
     Yichang, Hubei Province will add 12 million head of pig farms in 127
     Gansu Province intends to establish policy-oriented livestock insurance system 127
     Anhui launched the development of live pigs, "462 Plan" 127
     The first delivery of the National Center for pig futures settled in Wuhan Jiangxia 128
     Ministry of Agriculture: Market generally steady with a good potential national agricultural production improved for 128
     Livestock feed industry in Xi'an, China earthquake relief fund-raising ceremony was held at 128
     Ministry of Agriculture, the further deployment of earthquake prevention and control of zoonotic diseases 129
     Shanxi: Austria involving animals and animal products throughout the supervision 129
     The revised "Regulations pig slaughtering" Publish 130
     Shaanxi livestock production hit 40 million yuan to support 130
     Anhui additional 4 of the Central Reserve Base 131 pigs
     Shanxi: cattle and sheep slaughtering poultry would all be fixed. . . 131
     State Department: Further support live pig production 131
     China's official launch of aquaculture insurance market 132
     Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Industry Development earnest discussions held in Beijing 132
     Hubei livestock development by leaps and bounds growth gratifying 133
     Aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary systems in the first half of Guangxi reached 51.373 billion yuan output value of 133
     Tibetan agriculture and animal husbandry in the first half a good development trend expected to continue to harvest 133
     Feed to reach China's current industry-standard 370 133
     The first half of 2008 total output of 59 million tons of national feed 134
     Pig production in Gansu Province began to recover growth 135
     The new "pig slaughtering Management Regulations," August 1, 2008 shall come into force 135
     Shaanxi Province decided to substantially increase energy subsidies for 136 sows Fan
     Ministry of Finance an additional 2.8 billion yuan of the central budget to support live pig production 136
Guangzhou out of the new regulations establish a sound record-keeping system, 136 feed
Comprehensive inspection of a State Council executive decided to rectify the dairy industry, dairy products? "137
Shaanxi Province, to carry out fresh milk and dairy melamine-contaminated feed, special inspection of 137
National milk stations and animal feed industry, straighten out the Steering Group on Henan Research 137
Ministry of Agriculture: National milk stops will be 100% under regulation 138
Ministry of Agriculture: crack down on feed, adding melamine 138
VIV China held in Beijing l "
Shanghai veterinary drugs and feed testing national standards developed by the smooth passage of Final Appeal, 139
Ministry of Agriculture ordered a crackdown on the artificial feed, adding melamine 140
Jiangxi Province to carry out special rectification of feed quality and safety of operations 140
Pork Quality Traceability network system put into use in Tianjin 140
In Inner Mongolia to implement enterprise farmers subsidies and tax-free milk policy "'141
Feed Management Ordinance, the proposed revision of the normative Additives 141
Liaoning investment 4 million to develop the standardized breeding 14l
Fattening pigs included in the pilot areas in Hunan insurance 14l
The overall situation of China's livestock production to a good 142
Chapter II News l bucket j
   Chinese God feed the project an annual output of 300,000 tons contracted Yangling 143
   New Hope, Chengdu, large enterprises and enterprise groups selected for the enterprise to cultivate 143
   Chia Tai Group to invest billions of dollars in Shanghai, big pig chicken 143
   COFCO invest 362 million yuan project will start in 14 pig 143
   NOVUS 144 new plants settled in Shanghai
   Zhengda 1 million broiler breeding base in Chengdu Pujiang the completion of 144
   Ma Wen re-invested heavily in factories to build the town of East China's largest production base of raw pig 144
   Jiangsu Shepherd Group in Egypt signed export contracts for 144 complete sets of equipment feed
   China's largest joint venture located in Chongqing 144 pigs
   Shuanghui the development of an annual output of 200,000 will be built 145 pig farms
   Hebei Province, the Government and the Chia Tai Group of Thailand signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement 145
   "Chia Tokuyasu" was recognized as a famous trademark, Beijing 145
   Tong Wei brand value rose to 4.449 billion yuan '~ 143
   1.36 billion intended to vote in the primary sector feed Topway want to restart the issuance of 146 shares of
   COFCO acquisition of shares of the world's largest pork supplier approved 146
   VI Group in Anhui, the project started 146 Premix
   Jiangsu Yurun Group, one million pigs processing projects settled in Xinjiang. 1 146
   Wang Chin-kang bio-days has already settled 146 mergers and acquisitions
   Thailand's Chia Tai in Henan province to build a modern breeding base 147 Yanjin
   Shandong Tyson Xinchang hand the United States 147
   The East China Sea, East China's largest pig slaughtering the project put into operation 147
   Iron Horse Lux "Duck key technologies of intensive cage study" successfully passed the provincial inspection group of experts
   DSM in China, the third pre-mixed feed factory opening 148
Chapter III International News 140
   The world's largest pork processor to examine 149 yu
   The World Organization for Animal Health President spoke highly of China's animal disease prevention and control work 149
   Sun Zhengcai Minister Meets Chilean Minister of Agriculture 149
   Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues 40th annual meeting held in Hangzhou 150
   America animal feed ingredients to determine regulatory prevent mad cow disease, 150
   Russia and India Agricultural Cooperation Forum held in Beijing 151
   Brazilian Feed Industry Delegation to visit China Feed Industry Information Center 15l
   China Animal Husbandry Association and the Canadian Association of Swine signed a memorandum of import and export of 151
   China Feed Industry Association and the Brazilian Feed Industry Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding 151
   International Feed Industry Federation board meeting was held in Xi'an, 152
   UN FAO: 2008 global food production is expected to record high 153
   China and Germany signed the "German pork exported to China Protocol on veterinary and sanitary conditions," 153
   Pork products in the United Kingdom signed the Protocol on Inspection and Quarantine of 153
   French Beef Cattle Research and Development Center at 154 Unveiling Ceremony
   The U.S. demand that China exports to the U.S. subject to third-party certification of food 154
The fourth chapter in the macroeconomic situation 155
   China has decided to start on some key commodities temporary price intervention measures 155
   Record high international crude oil closing price of 155
   A State Council executive meeting decided to increase its policy of support for agricultural production 155
   China's four steps to ensure the basic stability of prices 156
   Development and Reform Commission approved a bright and Sanlu milk prices 1 s6
   Development and Reform Commission: Soybean processing industry has been incorporated into government policy perspective 157
   Frozen pork, soybean meal, peanut meal imports of goods, tariffs on June 1, 2008 onwards will be lowered from 157
   Since June 20, 2008 from petrol, diesel prices increased 1,000 yuan per ton 157
   Oil prices increase the cost of feed per ton rose 10 yuan l 58
   Imports of soybeans and other agricultural products will implement the Report Manager 158
   Adjustment of China's policy of micro-guaranteed loans 158
   Wen Jiabao set the tone for the latest macro-economic policy: The flexible and prudent 159
   Set out plans against the United States financial crisis, the central l s9
   A State Council executive meeting to study the deployment of dairy consolidation and revitalization of the work of 160
     Standing Committee Meeting October 23, 2008 held on the draft law on food safety concern. 161
     Provisional Regulations on China's new release does not involve feed industry value-added tax preferential policies have been implemented: 161
     Development and Reform Commission announced the temporary lifting of food commodity price interventions, 161
Part IV Appendix 162
Appendix I: 163
     January 2008 analysis of 163 national feed production in
     February 2008 analysis of 170 national feed production in
     March 2008 analysis of national feed production in a 179
     April 2008 analysis of 184 national feed production in
     May 2008 analysis of 189 national feed production in
     June 2008 analysis of 193 national feed production in
     July 2008 analysis of 198 national feed production in
     August 2008 analysis of 202 national feed production in
     September 2008 analysis of 207 national feed production in
     October 2008 situation analysis of national feed production of 211
     November 2008 situation analysis of national feed production of 216
     2008, 12) on copies of the national situation analysis of feed production 221
Appendix II: 226
   In January 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 226
   In February 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 228
   In March 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 229
   In April 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 23l
   In May 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 233
   In June 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 235
   In July 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 236
   In August 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 238
   In September 2008 the national livestock and feed price trends and analysis of 240
   In October 2008 the price of livestock products and feed changes in 241
   In November 2008 the price of livestock products and feed 243
   In December 2008 the price of livestock products and feed 245
China feed industry statistics, 2008