Chengdu Tour Guide: Cartoons

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Beautiful China has a history of some 5000 years, but one can still obtain a precious glimpse of it in 10 minute.
This Book,full of knowledge and humor,will be a good companion on your wonderful journey.

This tour guide book produced in a cartoon format is a good companion on your wonderful journey. All the cartoons contained in this book are full of knowledge and humor, and are imbued with Oriental wisdom.

About Author
Wahg Qicheng, Known as a“Cartoon Knight”. 
Born into a revolutionary army man's family. 
Graduated from the PLA Military and Economic Institute.
Loves life,cartoons and travel.
Travelled alone throughout China,covering close to 100,000 km.
Previously published Colorful Expressions,and Happy Invitation as well as a number of other works in the form of cartoons.
Once served as Deputy Secretary-General of the World Cartoon Conference,and has subsequently maintained close contacts with many noted cartoon masters worldwide.
Joined the PLA at 17 and,when asked what had been learned from 10 years of army life,replied: Honor,responsibility,and never giving up.
Loves everything beautiful in the world and enjoys talking with friends over a glass of wine.
Loves music.Loves pets.And enjoys floating clouds over the grasslands.
Has had works shown in and outside China,and published in People's Daily.
Won China's first cartoon theory award for this thesis.
Called by Master Cartoonist Fangcheng“a talented man”.

Table of Contents

Chapter one
About Chengdu
Chapter two
Chengdu's History
Chapter Three
Chengdu's Geographic Environment and Climate
1.Geographic Environment
Chapter Four
Chengdu's Scenes and Sichuan's Beautiful Senery
5.Leshan City
6.Emeishan City
7.Yibin City
9.Ancient Road to Shu
10.Ganzi Prefecture
11.Zigong City
Chapter Five
Talking about Chengdu Randomly
1.Eating in Chengdu
2.Chengdu's Special Products
Chapter Six
Sichuan's Folk Customs and Local Customs
Chapter Seven
Impressions of Chengdu People

Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Chengdu Tour Guide: Cartoons (ISBN:9787508521541)

Sample pages of Chengdu Tour Guide: Cartoons (ISBN:9787508521541)

Chengdu is the cradle of comedies.Back in theTang Dynasty, it was said that the Shu drama was the best in the world. The Sichuan opera consists of four tones including the high-pitched tone, the Kun tone, the huqin tone and the weak tone in addition to a Sichuan folk lantern drama. Excepting the lantern drama, the four tones were all introduced to Sichuan by theatrical troupes from other provinces from the late Ming Dynasty to the mid Qing Dynasty. The language of the Sichuan opera is lively. It is humorous with a strong atmosphere of life, closely combining vocal accompaniment, gongs and drums and martial arts. The high-pitched tone of the Sichuan opera is the most representative one. There are hundreds of common stage dramas. It integrates singing, acting, speaking and martial
arts, and contains a lot of witty and humorous remarks. The instrumental music is unique, and the stereotyped movements are impressionistic. It is immensely interesting...
Chengdu, the home of Chinese dramas, has long been known for "the Shu drama, the best in the world." The Sichuan opera formed in the Qing Dynasty is an important Chinese local opera. There are many dramas, the language is beautiful and humorous, the
means of expression are abundant, the stereotypical movements are implicit and meaningful, the instrumental music and vocal accompaniment are peculiar, and "face-changing" "fire-spitting" and other stunts are especially unique and make people acclaim it as the peak of perfection. Chengdu
people like playing outdoors. As the great writer Su Dongpo wrote in a poem, "Shu people forget to return when they are playing." Now, the lantern shows and flower shows held in the urban area in every spring are visited by a lot of tourists and bustle with activity; in the suburbs, the Longquan Peach Blossom Show, the Duliangyan Tomb-Sweeping Day Drainage Festival, the Xindu Magnolia Show, the Sweet Osmanthus Flower Show, the Pengzhou Peony Show, the Xinjin Dragon Boat Festival, the Pi County Wangcong Temple Singing Competition, etc. attract crowds of tourists from everywhere. All these folk festivals and shows are not only happy festivals for Chengdu people to play and walk in spring, but also great opportunities for tourists from other places and folklorists to enjoy and collect folk songs.
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Chengdu Tour Guide: Cartoons