Chengdu Statistical Yearbook 2012

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Language: Chinese
Page: 374
Publication Date: 08/2012
ISBN: 9787503766404
Chengdu Statistical Yearbook (2012) "is a fully reflect the socio-economic development in Chengdu comprehensive statistics annual book is a collection of 2011 large most of the social, economic and other aspects of the county (city) into the Department of City and Regional Statisticsdata since 1949, especially since the reform and opening up an important year in the city and the district (city) County statistics.
The Yearbook is divided into eighteen parts: Chengdu Overview; major part of the consolidation, including natural geography, administrative divisions, and socio-economic development indicators; national accounts; Population and labor; investment in fixed assets, the construction industry; energy purchase, consumption and the inventory; finance, banking and insurance; enterprise surveys of people's lives, and prices; city utilities; agriculture; industry; transport, post and telecommunications; same within trade, foreign economic, tourism; science and technology, education and culture; sports, health, welfare and other; ; District (City) County; Appendix: National focus city statistics.
Table of Contents
Chengdu Overview
A comprehensive
Second, the national accounts
Third, the population and labor force
Fourth, the investment in fixed assets, the construction industry
Energy purchase, consumption and inventory
Sixth, finance, banking and insurance
Seven people's lives, and prices
Eight city utilities
IX agriculture
10, industrial
XI, Transport, Posts and Telecommunications
XII with within the trade, foreign economic, tourism
13, science and technology, education and culture
XIV, sports, health, welfare, and other
15, business surveys
16, district (city) County
Appendix: Statistics of China's major cities
Chengdu Statistical Yearbook 2012