Celebrate Spring Festival

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Centered around the Chinese-learning experiences of David, a naughty six-year-old boy, this cartoon book series features 13 stories. The books are suitable for kids from overseas families with a Chinese language background and kindergartens offering Chinese courses, as parents and teachers can help them recognize characters and read stories.All themes in the series are closely related to the life of pre-school children, which cover the classroom, colors, numbers, fruits, food, animals, family, body parts, shapes, days of the week, weather, and means of transportation. We hope that through reading the Chinese language, they can form good habits and moral character.A few simple questions are set for the kids before they read each story, so that they can better understand the content and integrate themselves into it.A list of new words is provided at the end of each story to help the kids remember some simple and commonly used characters.Each story is accompanied by English translation and a pinyin version to make it easy for children at different ages to use.
Celebrate Spring Festival