Business (Company) Chinese (1 Book + 2 Cassettes)

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With the reform and development in China, especially entry into WTO, there is a great need for Chinese teaching material on the daily company life. Since most overseas students aim to take part in China-related business after learning Chinese, they are eager to learn business Chinese when their Chinese comes up to certain level. Business Chinese is an ideal tool to assist in this goal.

This illustrated book is mainly on the activities of several characters in a company concerning company structure, equipment, agenda's, meetings, marketing plans, business discussions, advertisement and promotion, complaints, employment, holiday application, training, enterprise culture and business letters. A vocabulary list on WTO is appended. The book is divided into 4 units, 16 lessons. Every lesson includes text A and text B, which centers around the same topic but from different point of view. Exercises includes blank filling, sentence completion and oral practice. There is an extensive reading after the text. 4-6 hours is necessary for each text. This book is for overseas students who have studied in China for more than one year or who have attained medium Chinese level.

Business (Company) Chinese (1 Book + 2 Cassettes)