Boya Speed-Up Chinese Book 2

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Table of Contents
1 他是哪国人?
Where Does He Come From?
2 今天几号?
What's the Date Today?
3 我有四门课
I Have Got Four Subjects
4 动物园在马路南边
The Zoo Is on the Southern Side of the Road
5 我买去上海的火车票
I Want to Buy a Train Ticket to Shanghai
6 中餐厅在一楼
The Chinese Restaurant Is on the First Floor
7 你的家真漂亮
Your House Is Really Beautiful
8 这件衣服很漂亮
This Dress Is Very Pretty
9 你最喜欢哪个季节?
Which Season Do You Like Best?
10 去医院看看病吧!
Go to See a Doctor Then!
11 鱼的味道怎么样?
How Is the Taste of the Fish?
12 你可以试试喝减肥茶
You Can Try the Diet Tea
13 他是一个体育爱好者
He Is a Sport Enthusiast
14 希望以后继续合作
Wish We Would Further Our Cooperation in the Future
15 我的中文进步很快
My Chinese Standard Improve Rapidly
Boya Speed-Up Chinese Book 2