BONUS FROM REFORMS: Five Trends of Transformation and Reforms After The CPC's 18th National Congress

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Table of Contents
Preface / 1 
Introduction: Transformation and Reform after the CPC 18TH National Congress / 3 
Chapter I: Transformation and Reform to 
Become a Consumption—Led Country 
Section I Expanding Domestic Demand and Driving Consumption 
Will Provide the Largest Opportunity for China / 20 
I. The world economy has entered a period of profound adjustment and transformation / 20 
II. Imbalance between investment and consumption has emerged as asignificant conflict / 23 
III. China's social consumption structure is now experiencing a historic change from life necessities to durable consumer goods / 28 
Section II Support Medium—Paced Growth in the Following Decade Through Consumption I. Consumption supports economic growth / 36 
II. How big will the consumption potential be in the following ten years? / 38 
III. Release of the consumption demand will determine fair and sustainable development to a large extent / 39 
Section III Establish the Strategic Objectives of Consumption Domination / 42 
Section IV Realize a Dynamic Balance Between Investment and Consumption / 47 
Section V Strategic Adjustment of State—Owned Capital Focusing on Public Welfare / 52 
Chapter II: Transition and Reform of Population Urbanization 
Section I Urbanization Is a Major Strategy 
Section II Transition of Scale Urbanization to Population Urbanization / 89 
Section III To Facilitate the Process of Citification of Rural Migrant Workers / 102 
Section IV Policies and Systematic Innovation on Population Urbanization / 121 
Chapter III: Transition and Reform Creating Middle—Income Group of 600 Million People 
Section I Expanding the Middle Income Group—A Major Strategy / 144 
Section II Doubling the Middle—Income Group in 2020 As the Major Goal / 149 
Section III Giving Priority to Enriching People Is a General Trend / 162 
Section IV Establishing the Political and Economic Environment for Identifying the Middle—Income Group / 170 
Chapter IV: Market—oriented Transformation and Reform 
Chapter V: Government Transition and Reform with a Focus on Optimizing Power Structures
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Governmental acts of land acquisition must be strictly limited withinthe scope of public interests. In regard to commercial land acquisition,a mechanism must be established for farmers to negotiate directly withland developers, so as to guarantee citizens' constitutional power on landacquisition and protect private property. 
(3) "Combine double tracks into single track" for land supply withinabout five years. 
BONUS FROM REFORMS: Five Trends of Transformation and Reforms After The CPC's 18th National Congress