Boao Forum for Asia Asian Competitiveness Annual Report 2017

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Analysis on the Economic Situation and Outlook of Asia
1.1 Further Worsened Regional Development Environment of Asia in 2016
1.2 Strategic Pattern Restructuring in Euro Asia Continent
1.3 Outlook of Asia's Economic Development
Chapter 2 New Characters and Trends of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia
2.1 New Characters of Regional Economic Cooperation in 2016 in Asia
2.2 New Trends of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia
Chapter 3 Asia Competitiveness Evaluation Report
3.1 Target Economies to Be Evaluated in 2016
3.2 Final and Sub item Rankings in 2016
Chapter 4 Analysis on the Annual Evaluation Result of Asian Economies' Competitiveness
4.1 Emerging Industrialized Economies("FourTigers of Asia")
4.2 Traditional Developed Economies
4.3 Asian BRICs Countries and Mongolia
4.4 Emerging ASEAN Economies and Timor Leste
4.5 Resource Exporters of Middle and West Asia
4.6 Other South Asian Countries
Appendix Introduction to Competitiveness Indices of Asian Economies
Appendix 1 Purpose and Target of Evaluation
Appendix 2 Introduction to Competitiveness Indices of Asian Economies
Appendix 3 Introduction to Competitiveness Indicators of Asian Economies
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short sighted opportunistic national development strategies should be adjusted; and all individuals including terrorists should be pulled back to the economic construction and building of a harmonious home so as to share the fruits of development and avoid the continuation of tragedies.
2.Traditional Security Factors Made Asia'sEconomic Growth Environment Further WorsenThe tensioned and then relaxed traditional securitychallenges are changing the patterns of Euro—AsiaContinent and are making a profound influenceover the economic development environment ofAsia.Under the circumstance of the transformationof the operation mode of world economy,themain conflict of world economy has evolved intothe competition towards international market.Since the global financial crisis,the biggest changehas been the adoption of"Re industrialization"strategy and promotion of"doubled export"indeveloped economies.Developing economiesdid not only encounter serious blockage inexport but also need to contribute some of theirdomestic markets to developed economies.Thecompetition towards international market hasbeen gradually intensified during the in depthgambling among countries and regions.Therestatement of Thucydides's Trap may possiblycause the war fire among the countriesandregions in the name of"Defense of Supremacy"toburn in Asia and make the continent suffer evenmore war—related costs.
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Boao Forum for Asia Asian Competitiveness Annual Report 2017