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Learn Chinese through Music 2
ISBN: 9787506293006 | Published on 04/2008 | Series: Learn Chinese through Music
1.Target Audience: This book can be considered as a special textbook for learning Chinese via classical Chinese songs that is to be utilized by...
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Interesting Chinese Empty Word Textbook(Elementary)
ISBN: 9787510009761 | Published on 08/2009

Discovering Peking University: Heritage, Innovation, and Impact-Interviews with PKU Professors
ISBN: 9787506287654 | Published on 05/2008
The stories contained in this book document the unique struggles and successes of these excellent scholars at Peking University. This is the first...

Quwei Hanyu Pinyin Keben (Chinese - Japanese, with MP3)
ISBN: 9787506293044 | Published on 05/2008
(基础篇)专为日本学习者编写,供来华或在海外学习汉语的学习者使用。 本书在编写上有以下特色: 1.充分考虑到日本人学习拼音的难点,在教材编写时贯彻先易后难的原则,采取循环往复的教法,进行系统化的讲解。 2.注重教材的趣味性,通过大量的图片,将拼音教学形象化。...

Historical Linguistics: An Introduction,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9787506291538 | Published on 02/2008 | Reviews: