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China's Folk Customs (5 DVDs)
ISBN: 9787887743312 | Published on 01/2014
Usage Advice One can watch the DVDs just for enjoyment or use them as an aid in courses related to Chinese culture Description This is a product of...

Common Knowledge about China (English Edition) 2CD-ROM+1DVD-ROM
ISBN: 9787900782809 | Published on 01/2014
Level: Elementary ,Pre-Intermediate,Intermediate ,Advanced; Middle School,College ,Adults The CD-ROM of Common Knowledge about Chinese Culture falls...

Cultural Comparison and Cross-Cultural Communication
ISBN: 9787561938492 | Published on 06/2014 | Series: A Series on Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Sperkers of Other Languages
Level: ; Adults About the Author Li Qingben is an academic leader of BLCU’s doctoral program of Comparative Literature and World Literature, a...

Art in China
ISBN: 9787508510842 | Published on 07/2007
Level: 高校英语学习者, 成人英语学习者   The development of Chinese contemporary art proves that artists, art forms and art works are products of the era they...

Fun with Ancient Chinese Poems in Multimedia
ISBN: 9787561929858 | Published on 03/2011 | Reviews:
Fun with Ancient Chinese Poems in Multimedia is a set of listening and reading teaching resources for the study of ancient poems and a part of the...

ISBN: 9787899977507 | Series: China: A Great Country in The East
Level: Elementary, Intermediate; College, Adults This series is intended for those overseas Chinese who are learning Chinese and interested in the...

Exploring Chinese Culture - A Chinese Reader I (German Edition)
ISBN: 9787561936825 | Published on 04/2014 | Series: Exploring Chinese Culture - A Chinese Reader (German Edition)
Level: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced This series of books has been compiled with reference to the US Standards for Foreign Language...

A Hundred Questions on the Chinese Culture
ISBN: 7561907265/G•9934 | Published on 07/1999
When teaching foreigners Chinese, teachers often meet many questions about Chinese culture put forward by their students. This indicates that...
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Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture Album 2 (5DVDs+5Books+50Bookmarks)
ISBN: 9787561921715 | Published on 11/2008 | Series: Getting to Know China: A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture
Being an old country with 5,000 years of history, China is an important birthplace of human civilization. The great inventions of China, such as...

Un Caleidoscopio de la Cultura China (Serie-1)
ISBN: 9787561933985 | Published on 11/2012 | Series: Un Caleidoscopio de la Cultura China
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