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Teaching and Learning of 24-form Taijiquan: A Book for International Students
ISBN: 9787512431744 | Published on 07/2022

Teaching and Learning of Ba Duan Jin: A Book for International Students
ISBN: 9787512438248 | Published on 06/2022

Engineering Geology
ISBN: 9787116102446 | Published on 03/2017
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Fundamental of Geometric Tolerance and Measurement Technology
ISBN: 9787512418424 | Published on 11/2015

Microwave Devices and Antennas
ISBN: 9787512441323 | Published on 09/2023

Advanced Digital Signal Processing: From Theory to Applications
ISBN: 9787512437180 | Published on 03/2022
This book is intended as an introduction to digital signal processing, ranging from basic theory to state-of-the-art processing algorithms.The first...

Introduction to Robots and Robotics
ISBN: 9787512431690 | Published on 02/2021

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design
ISBN: 9787512431485 | Published on 08/2020
This book is one of the excellent textbooks for colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province in 2018, which is based on the demand for mechanical...

Essentials & Practices of Geographic Information Systems
ISBN: 9787512432741 | Published on 04/2020
This book is an introductory level GIS book. Its feature lies in that not only main basic knowledge in traditional GIS are included, like...

Basic of Mechanical Vibration
ISBN: 9787512431492 | Published on 01/2020
This book mainly describes vibration problems for linear discrete and continuous systems inengineering. This book provides the background and...