Books written by "Xu Yang"

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Selected Plays of Guan Hanqing Vol 2 -- Echo of Classics
ISBN: 7119028928 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 08/2001
The Echoes of Classics series presents the classics of Chinese literature in a bi-lingual (simplified) Chinese-English format. Many of these books...

Wild Grass (Ye Cao) -Echo of Classics
ISBN: 7119026941 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 04/2004
A towering figure in the literary history of twentieth-century China, Lu Xun has exerted significant and continuous influence through his short...
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THE TRUE STORY of Ah Q (Chinese - English)
ISBN: 7119098861, 9787119098869 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 01/2016
Adhering to the national tradition of Chinese novel, The True Story of Ah Q composes the whole content in form of biography. Closely around the...
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Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Sages: Wisdom of Mozi
ISBN: 9787544615570, 754461557X | Publisher: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press | Published on 08/2010
Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Sages is a set of eight books on the notable Chinese philosophers in the 100 Schools of Thought over 2,000 years ago, such...

ISBN: 9787512024977 | Publisher: Thread Binding Books Publishing House | Published on 11/2016

Little Finger Color Clay Stories: Standards for Students
ISBN: 9787538652178,7538652175 | Publisher: Jilin Fine Arts Press | Published on 02/2011

Little Finger Color Clay Stories: Three-Character Classic
ISBN: 9787538652154,7538652159 | Publisher: Jilin Fine Arts Press | Published on 02/2011

After Taking a Shower (A Chinese-English Bilingual Reader)
ISBN: 9787020108121 | Publisher: The People's Literature Press | Published on 07/2015
Du Lilin is Xu Yancheng's wife and she is labeled as rightist because of her active participation in the airing of views conference. She falls in...

Chinese-English Bilingual Course on Table Tennis
ISBN: 9787548711360 | Publisher: Central South University Press | Published on 07/2014

Meeting China: Elementary Spoken Chinese
ISBN: 730118915X,9787301189153 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 06/2011