After Taking a Shower (A Chinese-English Bilingual Reader)

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Du Lilin is Xu Yancheng's wife and she is labeled as rightist because of her active participation in the airing of views conference. She falls in love with Ye Dan, a rightist she meets in the labor camp. After returning home in Beijing, she takes the initiative to break up with his husband Xu Yancheng. Both of them are greatly relived spiritually and they all find their love later on......

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Mrs.Yao said, "I don' t want money.I just want a roof over my head in my old age.I often miss that court-yard house Ah Mi sold.Ah Mi, do you remember? The main room in front was a combined dining room and living room, and the east and west wings were servants' living quarters.In those days we had six servants.The men lived in the rooms outside, and the women lived with us, in an inside wing." 
Thinking about the past, Yao Mi couldn't help sighing.She said, "At the time I was so desperate to get treatment for Mama' s illness that I sold it in a hurry.Could we buy it back now?" 
Luo Hou said, "Probably you could.My uncle has a lot of influence and good contacts.He can get things done and anything is possible.But I' m afraid you might take a loss, Auntie." 
"I don' t care ifl take a loss.And anyway, it' s the public that would benefit." 
Luo Hou said, "So, Auntie, you agree?" Yao Mi laughed."Do you want us to come and calm down your uncle and aunt when they fight?"

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