Ancient Sichuan-Tibet Tea-Horse Road

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The ancient tea-horse road from Sichuan to Tibet played a crucial role in the history of solidarity and exchanges between the Han and Tibetan ethnic groups in China. It was the most prominent route among all the trade paths between Sichuan and Tibet. Scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have described this ancient trade route in the following, "Along this ancient road have concentrated the best natural and human sights of China."
Table of Contents
The sky Road and Border Tea
The Ancient Tea-Horse Road Between Sichuan and Tibet-A Historical and Cultural Heritage of Mankind
Ya`an Border Tea and Ancient Tea-Horse Road
Black Tea Road Built on Human Backs
Luding-Gateway on the Ancient Sichuan-Tibet Road
Kangding-A key Commercial Town on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road
Jiulong-Enigmatic Land in Rastern Kham
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Ancient Sichuan-Tibet Tea-Horse Road