A New English-Chinese Dictionary (2nd Edition)

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New Practical English Dictionary (2nd Edition) is intended to provide readers with updated, more complete, more convenient English learning tool. The dictionary designed for non- English majors at the beginning, intermediate English learners prepare and can be used in everyday English learning, reading, oral communication, writing and translation.

This dictionary contains three parts: 1. Chinese- English part- cover over 8000 words; 2. Synonyms and Antonyms parts- cover about 8000 words; 3. Appendix- five appendixes.

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approval n.①同意,赞成 
【搭配】meet with sb.’s~获得某人赞成 
【常用词组】for(sb.’s)~提请(某人)批准[认可];with~of the authorities经当局批准;on~供试用的(如不满意可退货) 
approve vt①批准,许可,认可②赞成,满意vi.赞成,满意[后接of] 
【搭配】~of赞成…,对…满意;~oneself证实自己(是…);be~dfor distribution批转,批发 
approximate vt.①接近,接近于②约计,近似③估计(尤指数量)vi.接近,近于【常与to连用]adj.大概的,大约的 
approximation n.①接近,近似②估计③近似值④略计 
【搭配】be a very close~to很接近于apricot n.①杏,杏树②杏黄色 
April n.四月 
apron n.围裙 
apropos adj./adv.①适当的[地],恰当的[地]②附带的[地],顺便 
【搭配】~of关于…,至于…,就…来说;~of nothing凭空地,没有任何联系地 
apt adj.①有…倾向的,易于…的,很有…的可能的[后接不定式]②合适的,恰当的③聪明的,敏捷的④擅长的 
aptitude n.①天资,才能②能力倾向,易于③适合 
【搭配】have an~for有…的才能[天性,能力倾向] 
aptly adv.合适地,适当地 
aptness n.①才能,天资②倾向性③适合性 
apyretic adj.不发热的 
aquatic adj.①水生的,(生长于)水中或水边的②在水上或水中举行的(如赛船、游泳等)n.①水生动[植]物②[复]水上运动。
A New English-Chinese Dictionary (2nd Edition)