A New English-Chinese Dictionary (2nd Edition)

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Author: Wang Lin;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 1046
Publication Date: 11/2013
ISBN: 9787561936948
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
New Practical English Dictionary (2nd Edition) is intended to provide readers with updated, more complete, more convenient English learning tool. The dictionary designed for non- English majors at the beginning, intermediate English learners prepare and can be used in everyday English learning, reading, oral communication, writing and translation.

This dictionary contains three parts: 1. Chinese- English part- cover over 8000 words; 2. Synonyms and Antonyms parts- cover about 8000 words; 3. Appendix- five appendixes.

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approval n.①同意,赞成 
【搭配】meet with sb.’s~获得某人赞成 
【常用词组】for(sb.’s)~提请(某人)批准[认可];with~of the authorities经当局批准;on~供试用的(如不满意可退货) 
approve vt①批准,许可,认可②赞成,满意vi.赞成,满意[后接of] 
【搭配】~of赞成…,对…满意;~oneself证实自己(是…);be~dfor distribution批转,批发 
approximate vt.①接近,接近于②约计,近似③估计(尤指数量)vi.接近,近于【常与to连用]adj.大概的,大约的 
approximation n.①接近,近似②估计③近似值④略计 
【搭配】be a very close~to很接近于apricot n.①杏,杏树②杏黄色 
April n.四月 
apron n.围裙 
apropos adj./adv.①适当的[地],恰当的[地]②附带的[地],顺便 
【搭配】~of关于…,至于…,就…来说;~of nothing凭空地,没有任何联系地 
apt adj.①有…倾向的,易于…的,很有…的可能的[后接不定式]②合适的,恰当的③聪明的,敏捷的④擅长的 
aptitude n.①天资,才能②能力倾向,易于③适合 
【搭配】have an~for有…的才能[天性,能力倾向] 
aptly adv.合适地,适当地 
aptness n.①才能,天资②倾向性③适合性 
apyretic adj.不发热的 
aquatic adj.①水生的,(生长于)水中或水边的②在水上或水中举行的(如赛船、游泳等)n.①水生动[植]物②[复]水上运动。
A New English-Chinese Dictionary (2nd Edition)