A Cognitive Semantic Study on “V+ 上” in Modern Chinese

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Usage Advice: For teachers, students and researchers in linguistics and readers interested in modern Chinese grammar.

This book makes a systematic study of “V上”in modern Chinese taking the perspective of events and using the theories in cognition linguistics. It divides the “V上”structure into five types, i.e., verb-trending structure type, notional verb-resultative structure type, functional verb-resultative structure type, the special structure “V上+ number”and “V上了”. It first discusses the image schema each structure type shows, describes in detail the meanings of “V上”, the verbs it collocates with and the syntactic and semantic characteristics of different structures. Then, it analyzes the relationship among meanings and the recognition motions of a variety of meanings, constructs the semantic evolution of “V上”and makes a diachronic examination of it. Finally, it analyses the types of the events “V上” indicates from the perspective of notional structures.

About the Author
Chang Na has a PhD in Literature and is a postgraduate supervisor in Beijing Language and Culture University whose research focuses on modern Chinese grammar and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. Ms. Chang‘s works include papers published in Linguistic Sciences, Chinese Language Teaching and other journals. She has participated in the compilation of many Chinese textbooks and has completed a number of university research projects.

A Cognitive Semantic Study on “V+ 上” in Modern Chinese