21 Century Chinese Literature: The Sunshine of the Blissful Spring

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The 21st-Century Chinese Literature series offers an introduction to contemporary Chinese literature for English readers all over the world. Foreign Languages Press published the first installment of the series (eight books) in 2008, the second installment (nine books) in 2014, and the third installment in 2020. For readers around the world who are used to learning about China through newspapers, TV and the Internet, the 21st-Century Chinese Literature series provides an additional way to learn about China-through the eyes of Chinese people themselves. The stories in this series capture the heartfelt emotions of writers living in an ancient. nation going through rapid changes. In telling stories about themselves and people around them, the writers present to the world a true, complex and dynamic representation of China.
Overseen by the China Writers Association, Peoples Literature Magazine is the People's Republic of China's first national literary magazine, For more than seventy years it has contributed greatly to the promotion and development of literature in China, and has been an essential journal of modem Chinese literature for foreign Sinological institutions and libraries alike.
Table of Contents
The Sunshine of the Blissful Spring
Bao Hass's Three Visits to Horqin Right Middle Banner
The World Shines
High Singing
21 Century Chinese Literature: The Sunshine of the Blissful Spring