2005 Annual Report on China's Mobile Phone Battery

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Become with lithium ion battery mainstream of battery of mobile phone and lithium ion battery technology ripe further, global lithium ion battery begin to transformation , China of area. Beijing-Tianjin area, Jiangsu Wuxi, Guangdong area become important place that battery of mobile phone produce. Occupy world battery of mobile phone is it adjust the global strategy one after another to supply share with 75% of the Japan enterprises, make China its global battery of mobile phone of key production bases. Global battery of mobile phone enterprise leading Sanyo electrical machinery in Beijing , Tianjin, Panasonic , Sony set up own production base in Wuxi. The enterprises of China and S.Korean emerge rapidly. What Samsung , LG of S. Korea expanded according to the needs of market can have. The developing more rapidly than that of the Yardie of the area of Guangdong of China, has already entered the top five ranks of the related market of the global cell-phone.

Research this consult report analyse the whole world and his battery of mobile phone structure of supply and his scale , area of China , especially; The state of development of cell-phone market of areas of the whole world and China, so as to predict the scale of demand for the battery of mobile phone; Produce to key battery of mobile phone national Japan is it is it expound the fact to analyse to go on; To the deep analysis which the key manufacturing enterprise of China carries on; Have carried on certain argumentation to the development trend in the battery of mobile phone future. The report has also carried on deep analysis to describe to market current situation and development trend of the battery of mobile phone, it is battery of mobile phone market that is it manage enterprise , research institution unit understand Chinese battery of mobile phone market develop the trends at present accurately to correlated with, hold the developing direction of market of battery of mobile phone , one of the important decision bases making the market tactics.

Table of Contents

Important point overview 6

The first part Definition and classification 7

Chapter One The definition and the classification of the mobile phone battery 8

Section One The definition of the mobile phone battery 8

Section Two The classification and characteristic of mobile phone battery 13

Chapter Two Characteristic analysis of the mobile phone battery industry 20

Section One The industry analyse of mobile phone battery of Industry cycle, profit competence and intensity of competition 20

Section Two The characteristic analysis of investment 21

Part two The present market condition analysis of mobile phone battery 23

Chapter Three General situation of development of world mobile phone battery market 24

Section One The present market condition of Ni- MH and Li-ion Battery in the world 24

Section Two Development situation of Japanese Mobile phone battery 30

Section Three The mobile phone battery market circumstances of Other national 42

Chapter Four The present condition of the market of Chinese mobile phone battery 51

Section One The productivity and industrial distribute of mobile phone battery 51

Section Two The problem whiche exist in the mobile phone battery market 54

Chapter Five The analysis of market demand of the mobile phone battery 58

Section One Development of global mobile phone market 58

Section Two Development of Chinese mobile phone market 64

Section Three Requirement forecasting of market of mobile phone battery in the whole world and Chinese 86

Chapter Six The competition pattern of the market of a mobile phone battery market 89

Section One The composition of the different kind of mobile battery phone and it will change in the future 89

Section Two The new global battery of mobile phone supplies the system and takes shape progressively 91

Section Three Variation tendency in the future 94

Chapter Seven Enterprise's analysis of the main battery of mobile phone 98

Section One The BYD company limitied 98

Section Two The GuangYu group of Haerbin 103

Section Three The XieTong power company of ShenZhen 105

Section Four Henan, Huanyu Power Source Co. Ltd. 109

Section Five Qingniao Co. China photocell Co., Ltd. of Weifang 114

Section Six TCL Hyperpower Battery 120

Section Seven Peacebay Power Co.,Ltd. 123

Section Eight LiXing power Co., Ltd. Of Wuhan 131

Section Nine Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. 141

Section Ten The investment circumstance in china about the Japanese main factory of mobile phone battery 155

Chapter Eight Future development trend of market of mobile phone battery 160

Section one Nickel hydrogen battery future developing direction analyse 160

Section Two China will become the processing base of mobile phone battery 171

Section Three The fuel cell becomes the focus of competition of the mobile phone battery in the future 180

Appendix Industry's investment analysis of lithium ion 190


Chart:The mobile phone battery characteristic compare 18

Chart:The production circumstance of the Ni- MH battery and Li-ion Battery in the world 24

Chart:Yield of the Ni-MH battery and the lithium battery world market 25

Chart:The distribution scale of world Li-ion Battery market from 1994 to 2005 26

Chart:The analysis of Li-ion Battery application 26

Chart:The essential Quadrate Li-ion Battery Model number and capacity 27

Chart:Yield of Li-ion Polymer Battery 28

Chart:Comparison between the liquid Li-ion Battery and the Li-ion Polymer Battery 29

Chart:The demand of twice-use battery from 2000 to 2002 30

Chart:The proportion of various batteries adopted by primary appratus made in Japan 30

Chart:The Japanese different category is two times the battery need comparison 31

Chart:The Li-ion battery of the Japanese mobile phone packs the probability 32

Chart:Speculation and actual yield of the Ni-MH Battery market in Japan 33

Chart:The shipment quantity of the Japanese Li-ion battery factory 36

Chart:In 2000 the yield of polymer Li-ion battery 41

Chart:American battery market condition 42

Chart:Distinguish twice-use battery market according to the demand condition 43

Chart:The demand scale of twice-use battery in Taiwanese region 47

Chart:The Li-ion battery demand scale of the NB/ PC in Taiwanese region 48

Chart:Li-ion battery demand scale of the mobile phone of the Taiwanese region in 1997-2000 48

Chart:The lithium of the Taiwanese region is two times battery investment and the development general situation 50

Chart:2003-2004 Chinas have already set up basic circumstance general chart of the Li-ion item 52

Chart:Will move the mobile phone and sell share to predict in 2006 61

Chart:The whole world moved market prediction of the cell-phone in 2001-2009 62

Chart:Different built-in mobile phone of characteristic sell share predict 2006 64

Chart:The product competition analysis of Li-ion secondly battery 90

Chart:The world market of Ni- MH, Li-ion battery 95

Chart:ROOFER Li-ion battery product specification watch 106

Chart:Type form of hydrogen battery of small-scale nickel (cylindrical ) 129

Chart:Type form of hydrogen battery of small-scale nickel (square ) 129

Chart:Type form of nickel hydrogen motive force battery (cylindrical ) 130

Chart:Type form of nickel hydrogen motive force battery (square ) 130

Chart:The capacity of the Li-ion battery of different types and external dimension 137

Chart:Electric performance of square battery of Li-ion 138

Chart:Japan is to the conjecture of the nickel hydrogen battery market and actual output 161

Chart:Situation that Japanese Toshiba nickel's capacity of hydrogen battery rises (mAh) 163

Chart:Japanese Yuasa high capacity technical indicator 163

Chart:The electronic automobile-used large capacity Ni-MH motive force battery performance situation contrast 167

Chart:Develop the overview in high power Ni-MH motive force battery 168

Chart:the basic circumstance of Li-ion item have already set up of in China 174

Chart:Application of the fuel cell. Performance and dominant company engaged in research and development 187

Chart:Lithium ion industry make the investment form of estimating 192

Chart:Industry's total cost form of lithium ion 194

Unit:ten thousand Yuan 194

Chart:Income from sales of the lithium ion products , value-added tax and sales tax and adding 194

Unit:ten thousand Yuan 194

Chart:The lithium ion industry invests in the profit-and-loss statement 195

Unit:ten thousand Yua 195

Chart:Industry's project investment return of lithium ion is gathered 195

2005 Annual Report on China's Mobile Phone Battery